Hi there!

Welcome to my page, where I write about honest skin care, cosmetics reviews which my sisters and I find helpful or otherwise with our skin battles, and cosmetics that we enjoy (or otherwise) using.

I also write about books that I find interesting and entertaining. On the game side, I will share some videos (from Knightmare’s Youtube site) of my Teddy where he uploads gaming videos for fun, for you guys who wants to see some funny/walk through in-game videos.

I write these stuff so I can share information to you that might help you when deciding about buying or trying something – skin care products and cosmetic products. I don’t always buy expensive stuff, but when I do I want them to work. I buy these thingies with my own money, sometimes they are gifts from friends and loved ones. Just saying.

If you are wondering why my blog name is That Girl Coffee, it’s because my gaming friends call me Coffee (my IGN), one of them calls me noodles. Anyway enjoy reading. Like. Comment. Share. Spread the loves lol!