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Welcome to my page, where I write about honest, unbiased skin care and cosmetic reviews which my siblings and I find helpful or otherwise with our skin battles, and cosmetics that we enjoy (or otherwise) using.

I write these stuff so I can share information to you that might help you decide about buying or trying products related to skin care and makeup. I buy these thingies with my own money and sometimes they are gifts; I always include a disclaimer when they are, regardless of that we can assure you that all reviews are unbiased. ❤

We include each of our own Upside [pros], downside [cons], and neutral ground [not bad, but not great either], References at the bottom of the page sp you can check our different skin types, and some Tips and reminders to help you with your skin care and beauty related product journey. I live away from my siblings so it is not always that I can include their reviews.

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