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Althea A’bloom Collection

There’s something new blooming at Althea Korea 🌸 they just released the A’bloom line and is just in time for summer!

This new collection consists of cutesy stuff that are great to cleanse, cool down and perfect the skin so it’s pretty much a travel kit kind of. So today I will be introducing to you their whole line along with my full, honest and unbiased reviews, so it will be a long post haha! Let’s get ready together!

Althea A'bloom Collection Avo-cuddle-me Sparkle-me-bright Ac-me-peach Water-me-long Sheet Mask Meringue Puff BHA Blackhead Blaster Review #AltheaAngels #AltheaKorea #AltheaAbloom #review #WUDPam #thatgirlcoffee

🌿BHA Blackhead Blaster

An easy and quick everyday treatment for blackheads, white heads and dead skin cells. It is made out of gentle natural ingredients that helps deep cleanse the pores without irritation. Made with natural BHA for pore care and dead skin cleansing, apricot seed powder to absorb excess oil, charcoal to purify the skin and tea tree leaf oil to soothe the skin.



It smells like charcoal, tea tree, a hint of mint and it smells like jell-o haha!


The texture as a stick is quite hard, but as soon as it touches water it melts. It actually feels like it’s water too.


It is packaged in a matte, charcoal black, twist up plastic tube with an inner protective lid. I appreciate that because this product will get wet when using. Very thoughtful Althea!


The stick is an 8 gram, dense and solid balm add the packaging and the size of it makes it super travel friendly.

There are chunks here and there I think they are charcoal power, the texture overall is just like soap, it’s very smooth to apply I didn’t really need to press hard on my skin. It just melts with the water.

As for its cleansing capabilities, it did a great job removing white heads and blackheads. My skin feels softer, a lot smoother and I have noticed that my larger pores shrunk significantly. It did not have any adverse effects on my acne marks, acne scars and pimples. There is just a little bit of tone-up going on. It’s good to note that it has a peeling effect on my nose area especially.

This is probably my favorite among the A’bloom line. Now Althea needs to make a cleansing stick or a cleansing pad that would be awesome.

🍂How To Use:

After cleansing, leave the skin damp and swipe it on areas with excess oil – nose, chin, butterfly zone, t-zone, everywhere except for the eyes and mouth and massage in circular motions for 30 seconds. Rinse off with lukewarm water.


  1. Do not forget to wipe the top part of the product with a dry tissue after use so the rest of the stick does not get wet.
  2. Since this is a BHA product, never forget to use sunscreen!

🌿Sheet Masks

They released four types of sheet masks that contains 25g of ampoule, the sheet is made out of 100% Eucalyptus fiber which is great to use even for sensitive skin, the ampoule helps balance pH levels of the skin as well as giving hydration and nutrients deep in the skin and are made for all skin types.

The sheet itself is super soft yet the fabric is dense and not easy to rip.

Althea A'bloom Sheet Mask Texture

Eucalyptus Sheet Mask Texture
Eucalyptus fiber sheet mask

🍉 Water-me-long

A moisturizing sheet mask that contains watermelon extract to keep the skin hydrated and lavender to help soothe the skin.



This smells surprisingly like flowers. I can’t remember what soap it smells like.


The texture is as the same watery, runny, viscous texture but a little bit more whiter in color compared to the others

Althea A'bloom Water-me-long Sheet Mask Review


The ampoule is easily absorbed by my skin with a little tact left even after it has dried. It did not irritate my skin or had any adverse reactions even on my pimples.

While I am waiting for this mask to dry simultaneously writing my thoughts on this product, I just noticed that it had already been 30 minutes and out of the four masks this one is still going haha!

Althea A'bloom Water-me-long Sheet Mask Review before and after

What I love about it is that after using it my skin looks more alive and awake, feels velvety and so soft to the touch, there is half a shade of tone-up I would say more of illuminating the skin with a semi-matte finish. For the enlarged pores on the butterfly zone, most of them has significantly shrank. Sadly it did not help tone down the red pimple marks on my skin.

I have this dry part on my cheek area that really annoys me and I am happy to report that the hydrating power of this mask did a great job with dealing with that as well as on the general facial skin.

🍐 Avo-cuddle-me

Infused with avocado extract rich in Vitamin E this sheet mask takes care of nourishment and wrinkles and protects the skin from harmful environmental factors.

Althea A'bloom Collection Avo-cuddle-me Sparkle-me-bright Ac-me-peach Water-me-long Sheet Mask Meringue Puff BHA Blackhead Blaster Review #AltheaAngels #AltheaKorea #AltheaAbloom #review #WUDPam #thatgirlcoffee



It smells like lavender and citrus. It’s very refreshing and subtle.


The formulation of the ampoule is very runny but thick-ish and viscous at the same time. It absorbs really fast without leaving any sticky residue.

After using this, I have noticed my skin feeling soft and supple. It did hydrate my skin well as well as smoothing fine lines, shrinking pores and smoothing out my laugh lines to an extent. I also noticed about half a shade of tone-up which isn’t bad at least for me. Sadly I did not feel any cooling effect.

Althea Avo-cuddle-me Sheet Mask Review

As I pat in the remaining essence, it felt like my skin is absorbing it well despite the heat and humidity within about a minute it sunk in then I started to sweat but surprisingly my skin did not feel sticky. Even after suncream, concealer and cushion foundation my skin did not feel dry, I have also noticed my skin pushing out these white heads all over my face. All that said, I still do not recommend using any excess essence on the hands especially if, like me, you have thin skin on your hands, because mine started to feel very delicate that I can’t even carry three kilo- worth of cat food. I’m just saying.

Althea A'bloom Avo-cuddle-me Sheet Mask Review before and after

🍋 Sparkle-me-bright

A brightening sheet mask infused with lemon and lime extracts that supplies Vitamin C to tone-up the skin giving it a radiant glow. It also contains green tea extract which helps with melanin production.



It smells more like lime and a bit of lemon juice. So sour yet yummy haha! Please don’t try to taste it.


The texture of the ampoule is a tab bit more runny.


The formula of this one contains high amounts of lime and lemon extracts so be warned if you have really sensitive skin or you haven’t used vitamin C skin products before.

The smell is just so wonderful it’s like bathing in lemonade with some flowers on the side haha! As like the others the ampoule is easily absorbed by the skin and dries within minutes with a bit of tact and velvet feel.

The hydration it gives goes deep in the skin as well as on the outer layers of the skin that I do not feel the need for a cream after. It toned-up my skin a shade and gives this glow but with a semi-matte finish. As for my large pores, it considerably shrank my pores on my nose and some on the butterfly zone. I have noticed that it helps the skin push out these hard white heads, but sadly it did not do much with removing blackheads.

I am not sure if it is because of the high concentration of citrus extracts, but it did this weird thing on my jaw area, I woke up with these itchy tiny bumps but they went away after a couple of hours. I still love this mask though, it’s so potent. Rejoice vitamin C lovers!

🍑 Ac-me-peach

This contains peach extract rich in Vitamin A to help oil-moisture balance that helps soothe sensitive skin and tea tree extract keeping it blemish free.

Althea A'bloom Ac-me-peach Sheet Mask Review
I was not good at sheet masking that day



Smells like lime. I thought it would smell like peaches.


I was kinda scared using this product mainly because it contains tea tree and my skin does not like high concentrations of tea tree although my skin loves peach extract, it did not irritate or had any adverse reactions to my skin.

The moisture that it gave my skin was great my skin felt deeply moisturized, it left my skin feeling soft and bouncy as well as giving half a shade of tone-up to my skin. I have noticed that these small pimples that I have scattered on my face has started to come to head and some has dried out, so I assume that with continuous use of this particular variant it would help with blemishes.

Althea A'bloom Ac-me-peach Sheet Mask Review before and after

It helped calm the redness of my skin, just a little, and did a good job with preventing blackheads.

Sadly, it did not do anything for my large pores on the butterfly zone and did not help with my laugh lines.

🍂How To Use:

After toning, pick your choice of sheet mask and leave it on for 10-20 minutes.


  1. Keep it in the fridge (not the freezer) if you need an extra cooling down especially since it’s so hot these days.
  2. Use the extra essence on the neck that way your whole facial skin will have some loving.
  3. Never forget sunblock!
  4. As much as you can smooth out any lines, wrinkles and bubbles to keep the sheet flat and hugging the skin.
  5. I suggest using the Sparkle-me-bright at night. Or if in the morning, use a high spf product.

🌿A’bloom Meringue Puffs

These are the first makeup tool designed by Althea Korea. These are made out of non-latex puff designed to use wet or dry for perfect foundation application.

The Giant Meringue Puff provides quick and smooth application on broad parts of the face and the Baby Meringue Puffs are designed for fine application on the nooks and crannies.

Althea A'bloom Giant Meringue Mini Meringue Puff Review



They are so soft and bouncy feels exactly like marshmallows.


The packaging is simple, I appreciate that there is sort of plastic that keeps it in place. There is also a description both in English and Hangeul which is really great.


The giant puff swells up a lot when it’s wet but it still feels like it’s marshmallow or mochi. The quality for both giant and baby puffs are great too they are both made up of microporous non-latex puffs.

Using the giant puff damp to apply concealer all over my face, it was just so easy at the base of the puff was large and I did not need to keep blending and blending. Being a hydrophobic sponge I did notice that it spread the concealer well with minimum absorption and to me that is a plus. I really enjoy using this giant puff as you can see it almost covered my entire cheek haha! It really gave a dewy finish while very slightly absorbing some excess makeup.

Althea A'bloom Giant Meringue Puff Review
Used damp

Now using the giant puff damp with a matte finish liquid foundation, it did not sheer out the coverage and it was super easy to blend out. Despite that it skipped some large pores and it made this weird texture on my cheeks even when my skin is hydrated and prepped with pore primer.

Using the giant puff dry it intensely mattified the finish of my base makeup, like it’s just really matte.

Althea A'bloom Giant Meringue Puff Review
Used dry

As mentioned above when I used the giant puff damp with a matte finish liquid foundation, I used the mini puff dry to add a layer on that area and try to smooth it out and it did a great job without rubbing off what’s underneath it.

I love these mini puffs, I can use it to layer foundation on the acne marks without rubbing off the product, to blend cream blush on and also for when I try to do contouring. I also use the tip to clean my lower lash line haha! It does the job I love it.

🍂How To Use:

For Matte Effect – use the puff dry.
For Dewy and Glossy Effect – dampen the sponge and use it to apply makeup.


  1. Do not squish it using your fingers especially if you have long fingernails you will ruin the puff. Instead press it between your palms and let the water run.
  2. Clean them using mild unscented soap. Personally I use an unscented bar of regular soap it does the job efficient and fast without ruining cushion puffs or sponge puffs.
    I use a pump of oil cleanser to thoroughly and immediately clean my puffs and it did great without ruining the sponge.

Phew! That was long wasn’t it? Haha! What is your favorite in the A’bloom line?

Where to get them?

And if you want 20% OFF use my referral link here 🙂

For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.

Disclaimer: These products are gifted to me, but all thoughts and opinions are honest, unbiased, and are my own.

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