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Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream

Hi! I am so excited to share this product review with you today. As you know I am always looking for good acne solutions to my perpetually spastic skin.

Recently Jumiso has launched their new product called AC Cure Spot Cream that uses an ingredient called Phytosilica – a plant based silica that penetrates deep into the skin to effectively deliver active ingredients. This is like drinking a soft-gel medicine, the outer covering protects the liquid ingredients inside so that it reaches where it’s supposed to go.

🌿Active Ingredients:
Tea Tree – antimicrobial
Centella – promotes healing
Niacinamide – brightening

It also contains a plethora of natural extracts:

Purple Gromwell
Blackberry lily
Babassu oil

Japanese Knotweed
Huang lian

Cabbage rose
Chinese skullcap

Safflower – promotes healing
Rosemary – antimicrobial
Lavender – anti-inflammatory
Grapefruit – astringent, preservative
Aloe vera – humectant


Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream Review


The pink tube packaging is easy to carry around with. It has a safety seal on the tip of its long nozzle to ensure the product stays fresh and wouldn’t leak before opening. The squeezy tube is durable and makes it easy to dispense the product.


It smells strongly of Tea Tree that dissipates right after application.


Before using this product I really thought that it was a clear gel-like cream, but upon dispensing it turns out that it is a white, runny, lotion type that is very lightweight and easy to spread. It becomes transparent right after it is spread on the skin.

Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream Review


There is a prickly sensation right after the cream came in contact with my skin, while rubbing it and working it into my skin the sensation slightly becomes stronger and it lasts until the product has settled in, roughly about 3 minutes.

This is very unique for me, after several minutes and my skin sucked it all up I really thought that the sensation has fully stopped but when I tried touching one of my pimples I started to feel prickly again, but very minimal. I kinda like it haha! I wouldn’t say it’s a painful experience, it’s just present and it goes away after it is fully absorbed.

After another several minutes finally the sensation is gone.

I have acne so I can’t just spot treat I use it all over my cheeks and it makes my skin really dry but it did leave a thin layer of residue.




The way that this product works is that it dries up the pimple from deep within the skin and then it slowly pushes it out of the pore looking like a huge and long whitehead.

One of the most annoying problem for me are these cluster of pimples. At first they would appear to be one huge zit, but they are actually in groups of 3 or more.

My pimples have started to dry up on the third day. The deep and clustered ones has also started to come to head and these start to dry out after 3 consecutive uses. Most of the big pimples that have dried up started to come out as huge and whiteheads while I was washing my face. As for the smaller, single pimples I can easily pull them out. I always am mesmerized while looking at the really long ones I can’t believe it could be that deep.

Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream week 1 review #helloskin #jumiso #acne #koreacosmetic #review #WUDPam #ThatGirlCoffee


I sometimes squeeze out my pimples using these metal loops and by looking at what comes out I can see that they are deep sometimes three connected almost dried up pimples come out so I can definitely say that thid cream goes real deep in the skin.


At the end of the second week my skin was left with acne marks and a few of these clustered acne that have already surfaced and drying up nicely.

Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream week 2 review #helloskin #jumiso #acne #koreacosmetic #review #WUDPam #ThatGirlCoffee
purging effect

By the end of week 4 my skin has cleared up with exception of the red marks. But since then my skin has really improved. There are no more cystic acne, no clusters of acne.

I am also happy to tell you that it does a great job controlling hormonal breakouts! Usually during this time my skin would be hurting with clusters of acne, but while using this spot cream my skin only developed singular pimples and only a handful.


Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream week 4 review #helloskin #jumiso #acne #koreacosmetic #review #WUDPam #ThatGirlCoffee

🌿Enlarged Pores:

Week 1 – my enlarged pores has not improved.
Week 2 – still no improvement.
Week 3 – slight improvement on enlarged pores on the butterfly zone.
Week 4 – my enlarged pores on the butterfly zone have visibly shrunk.


From what I can tell, most of the comedones, especially the ones on the butterfly zone has started to push out the blockage but seeing that the gunk inside is larger in dimension than the pore I can see why these comedones remain for a very long time. It’s kinda gross haha!

Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream week 2 review #helloskin #jumiso #acne #koreacosmetic #review #WUDPam #ThatGirlCoffee

Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream week 4 review #helloskin #jumiso #acne #koreacosmetic #review #WUDPam #ThatGirlCoffee
red marks left on the skin

🌿Skin Healing:

While it get rids of the acne, it also helps the pores to close up and heal properly without any scabbing and scarring.

🌿How to use:

After cleansing, apply the product on clean and dry skin. Rub the product onto the affected area until it is fully absorbed.

On singular pimples, use it as spot treatment by rubbing the cream on the pimple until fully absorbed.

Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream review #helloskin #jumiso #acne #koreacosmetic #review #WUDPam #ThatGirlCoffee
cute shirt from Jumiso ❤


  1. The stinging sensation is normal so don’t worry about it.
  2. Please try to have a patch test first as it contains Tea Tree I know a lot of you out there have issues with this ingredient like me.
  3. Rubbing is essential while using this product it helps deliver the active ingredients into the skin.
  4. Do not use too much as it will make the stinging sensation last a lot longer and it might irritate you.
  5. Use only where you need it. It’s a pimple treatment cream after all.
  6. Use a hydrating cream after as it can be drying especially if you aren’t dealing with just spot pimples.



The best thing is that it gives me permission to rub on my pimples and it actually helps haha!

I would really love for Jumiso to make an overnight, skin regenerating beauty balm as an overall skin repairing and healing product that would pair greatly with this AC Cure Spot Cream.


For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.


Where to get this? Check out (not affiliate links)


Disclaimer: These products are gifted to me, but all thoughts and opinions are honest, unbiased, and are my own.


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