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Aritaum Mermaid Collection

During my Birthday Haul from Althea Korea 💙, I decided to get out of my comfort zone with my matte makeup and went ahead, took a chance and got these eyeshadows and eye glitter by Aritaum.

Aritaum Mermaid Collection. Mono Eyes Twinkle Eye Glitter

Mono Eyes Eyeshadow:

These tiny eyeshadows are packaged in blue and has sea creatures prints on them. They’re so adorable! Looking at the two shades I got, they’re both shimmer shadows, they have small specs of glitter in them and they both have these nice shades that can be used as an everyday makeup look.

Aritaum Mono Eyes Mermaid Collection

The texture is somewhat gritty but not overly hard or anything that hurts or irritating. If anything, they’re so lightweight. The pigment isn’t too strong when blended out. But if it’s loaded up on the lid it gives off a stronger color. I don’t know, but the “mysterious feel” they claim is actually beautiful.

Aritaum Mono Eyes Mermaid Collection Mystic Red
Mystic Red

They don’t have very strong pigment though so if you are looking for a very pigmented glitter eye shadow this isn’t for you. You have to build it up if you want it to be more opaque.

Aritaum Mono Eyes Mermaid Collection Midnight Ocean
Midnight Ocean

There are fallouts but they don’t stick on the skin so it’s easy to just brush off. Another thing is that if you have discolored eyelids, it’s hard to see the grey shade of Midnight Ocean. When I sort of wet my brush and applied both shadows the shimmer became so gritty but theres less fallouts.

Aritaum Mono Eyes Mermaid Collection Midnight Ocean Mystic Red
Left: Mystic Red. Right: Midnight Ocean

Another thing about the specs of shimmers is that they tend to rest on the crease although it can be blended out with fingers without wiping it off or smudging it.

Twinkle Eye Glitter:

This little thing in the shade Hologram. It’s packaged in a clear square gloss tube with a brush tip applicator.

Aritaum Mermaid Collection Twinkle Eye Glitter

It is an eye glitter that has different shapes and sizes and colors of glitter and they are all so thin that I keep forgetting I have them on. The brush applicator is thin and so soft it’s very easy to use specially if applied near the lashes.

Aritaum Mermaid Collection Twinkle Eye Glitter

It takes some time to dry down but when it does, it does not budge at all. The effect that it gives off is nice and shiny and I can’t believe I actually like it. 😵

Aritaum Twinkle Eye Glitter Mermaid Collection
Applicator brush
Aritaum Twinkle Eye Glitter Mermaid Collection
Shade Hologram

It’s also good to note that you need an eye makeup remover or a micellar water to remove it. When I used it, I removed everything with a makeup remover wipe and seeing that it really didn’t move I ended up using micellar water to get rid of it. So it’s safe to say that it’s waterproof, sweatproof and smudgeproof. There was also some that’s left near the roots of my lashes and it stayed there even after my skin care routine.


  1. Try not to drop the eyshadows, they’re kinda fragile and so small it would be a pain if they broke.
  2. They have fallouts so you might want to watch out for that to avoid shimmers everywhere.
  3. Don’t apply the eye glitter too near the roots of the lashes. It’s hard to get trid of and it dries down a bit slow so it might get in your eye.
  4. Apply concealer or eye primer before using the eyeshadows so you could appreciate the sublte shade it gives off.


It’s really not so bad despite them being tiny and very sublte. I’m actually more into that sublte “mysterious” kind of makeup. And the fact that the shimmers on all the products aren’t irritating, hurtful or heavy feeling is really great. I wish they would make the eye glitter in cream formula though.

Unexpectedly I love the shades of the eyeshadows and the twinkly shimmers of the eye glitter. So weird that I love how they look. I recommend these products definitely.



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