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Prreti Honey & Berry Sleeping Mask

Do you have those days where you’re just tired and you can’t be bothered with a long list of products and steps to give some love to your skin? Well you’re not alone join the club!

Honey & Berry Sleeping Mask by Prreti has been my pick-me-up for so many nights now, even though it’s not a substitute for serums, essences, boosters, nor ampuoles it helps my skin a great deal with all of it’s skin loving ingredients and I can still wake up to a pampered skin.

Prreti Honey&Berry Sleeping Mask

Product Claims:

Contains acacia honey that creates barrier to protect skin from outer environment and gives it shine.
Vitamin C and a variety of antioxidants rich in berry complex, revitalizes the tired skin.
Natural moisturizing ingredients such as Betaine and Trehalose form moisture barrier
to prevent moisture from escaping and keeps skin moist while sleeping.

It smells like Acacia. Surprisingly not honey at all, but it has a little honey smell on the skin.

Thick gel like, pudding like texture.

It comes in a yellow tub with a twist off cap. No spatula included.

Prreti Honey&Berry Sleeping Mask

My experiences


  • The packaging is simple and the tub is fairly sturdy.
  • 100 grams!
  • No adverse reactions to my skin. πŸ‘
  • I am happy to say that it is non-comedogenic! πŸ‘ Great for peoples who have large or enlarged pores.
  • Small amounts is the way to work with this product.
  • It glides on smoothly and easily. No pull to it.
  • The texture is somewhat thick, but it spreads fast like an aqua cream and adhears to the skin instantly. πŸ‘
  • It has a cooling effect.
  • Some sleeping masks/creams make my skin feel hot, but I didn’t have that problem with this product. πŸ‘ That’s a thumb up for me.
  • Absorbed fast into the skin. πŸ‘
  • It did not leave any residue. πŸ‘
  • It leaves the skin velvety.
  • Really great hydrating power. πŸ‘
  • It does not feel sticky at all – on application and after absorption. πŸ‘
  • When it’s on the skin it smells like sweet honey and candy. 😱 Then after a little longer it smells like water. I love that.
  • It made my skin feel so soft.
  • The product tightened my skin (not the annoying dry tight feel).
  • After one use, it toned down the redness and calmed my skin down. πŸ‘
  • Awesome oil control. πŸ‘
  • Every time I use this I wake up to a soft, firmer, glowing, calm skin. πŸ’™

Prreti Honey&Berry Sleeping Mask

Neutral Ground:

  • No spatula included. πŸ™
  • It doesn’t feel sticky, hot, heavy or overwhelming even when it’s a hot night, but I prefer using it in cooler weather.
  • It tightens loose saggy pores to an extent.
  • Mixed feelings on the protective cover inside.


  • It made me neglect my other skin care products! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  • Does not help blackhead problems.

Before sleeping, take an appropriate amount and massage gently from inside to outside of the face except the eyes.
Use it 2-3 times a week after toner, serum and base care.
Lightly wash your face next morning.

On the last step of skin care in the evening, I apply a small amount on my skin.

I use a pea size amount and spread it all over my skin, massaging it in and lightly slapping (LOL) my face to help absorption.

Prreti Honey&Berry Sleeping Mask Swatch


  1. Use sunscreen in the morning.
  2. I tried using this as a substitute for a sheet mask on lazy afternoons and it did the job well.
  3. Try to use small amounts every usage. It’s pretty thick even though it melts on the skin, when there’s too much product on and the skin can’t take anymore you’re pretty much wasting product and your hair will keep sticking to your face.
  4. Not a substitute for day cream.
  5. For tired and lazy ladies and men, you can use toner then straight to the sleeping mask and slap on some eye cream and lip sleeping mask. It isn’t a sub for serums or ampoules but it takes great care of the skin.

For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.


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