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My Althea Christmas Wish List/Recommendations 2018 edition

Christmas is coming! 🎄 For many this season is about presents, but we should not forget the real reason why we celebrate this season!

This is also one of those months of the year where we prepare foods and presents and meet so many people and we would not want to look haggard 😂 we want to look fresh, glowy, no stress pimples right? Whatever season of the year it is I think we can all agree that we don’t want blemishes LOL!

My Top 10 Products in My Wish List/Recommendations


1. Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

There are two types of this : Rose and Green Tea.

Why this? These skin detoxers help cleanse and detoxify the skin from pollution, excess oil and makeup residue. These babies contain real roses and green tea ground up plant parts suspended in the mixture. They are very mild and soothe irritated skin. I love the green tea one as it stops my skin from freaking out after being out in the sun the whole day. The rose detoxer is great in the morning as it gives the skin a glow and is very mild too.


2. Purito Centella Green Level All in One Mild Pad

Photo credit to Roserose shop

If you’re like me, lazy is what I mean, then try toning pads. These are pre-soaked cotton pads that have two sides – embedded side for exfoliation and cleansing, and the soft side for moisture; it is doused in ample amount of serum. Quick and easy right? It also contains Centella that helps lessen inflammation and irritation of skin.


3. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Photo credit to Gmarket

A well-known serum popular across the K-beauty world. This give intense hydration but is also very lightweight. Perfect for whatever season it is. Green tea is also great for calming stressed skin or spastic skin (like my skin 😐).


4. Guerisson 9 Complex Cream

I know it’s kinda weird because it has “horse fat” but what I love about this is that it’s lightweight and it makes my skin glow. It brightens the skin too and it does not leave any residue. Another plus about this product is that it plumps up the skin with continues use. If you wanna know more about this check out my full review here. 💙


5. Innisfree 3 Minute Green Tea Skin Pack

Photo credits to Althea Korea

If you don’t have 30 minutes to spare in sheet masks, try this 3 minute skin pack. It comes in these thin sheets that you can use in different parts of your skin to target dry or irritated areas or for the entire face too! 😆


6. Milk Peel Cream Mask

Another one of my favorites. This helped remove my comedones. It’s a cream mask that bubbles up to a whipped cream texture. It contains BHA/AHA that also helps lessen my pimple breakouts and leaves my skin feeling soft. 💙 I have a separate post about my full review about this you can check it out here.

7. The Face Shop Ink Lasting Foundation

Photo credits to halookorea

I’ve been wanting to get this for so long! It’s a medium coverage foundation that is buildable and lightweight that gives a natural look (that I always go for) for a fresh looking face LOL. It also has an SPF of 30 PA++ for extra protection.


8. Aritaum Weekly Eye Palette

Photo credits to Aritaum

They have 6 palettes to choose from and the colors are versatile. Most of the palettes have a brown shade which you can also use as contour if you’re in to that. 😉 What I like about this is that the colors in each palette works together to give a natural but colored look. You know? Does that make sense? 😅 It’s also buildable so you can glam up your look.


9. Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint Glow

Photo credits to Althea Korea

Since it’s going to be hectic with all the parties and running around doing stuff, it’s good to have a long-lasting lip color that would really stick on the lips. This product from Mamonde gives a hydrated yet vivid color on the lips so you wouldn’t have to keep checking if you still have that lovely pout on. 💋


10. Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Photo credits to Althea Korea

To remove all the makeup, pollution and whatever that was stuck on the skin the whole day. It acts as an oil cleanser as it melts makeup and lifting dirt and oils off the skin leaving the skin feeling fresh. Full review of this product soon I promise! 💙

And to complete everything, we should not forget that we need to smell nice and fresh so I recommend this mist that Althea Korea made in collaboration with Indonesia’s Titi Kamal!

Photo credits to Althea Korea

It has a fruity fragrance from peaches, grapefruit and oranges mixed with the floral smell of roses and magnolia. It’s also travel friendly so you can carry it around with you. Also, they have a 1+1 as of the moment! 👍

There you have it my Christmas Wish List/Recommendations from cleansing to skin care to makeup 😊 you can all shop these babies using the links provided. They are NOT affiliate links, they are just links where you can get them. 😊💙

Have a great Christmas everyone!



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4 thoughts on “My Althea Christmas Wish List/Recommendations 2018 edition

  1. I just bought Guerisson 9 Complex Cream on Roserose shop and I’M SO ANXIOUS to use it… I never tried the other products but I’m totally giving them a second thought. Also, I’m a little confused about the serum part. I’m looking forward to end the hyperpigmentation of my skin but my skin is sensitive (I had some allergies but Idk from what, exactly, like the Chok Chok Green Cream/Tonymoly and the Pure Natural Mask Sheet/the SAEM, Bio EX Cell Cream/Tonymoly buuut I used the essence from the same line and nothing happened) and is the combination type, so, I have to be careful with the T – zone. If you don’t mind, I would like some advice… THANKS and I’m sorry for the giant comment 🤭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi beautiful! Thank you for your comment! 💙

      The Green Tea Seed Serum is mainly for hydration and to calm skin irritations, it is very lightweight and the brand uses mainly natural ingredients unless you are allergic to one of them.

      Speaking of which, for the allergies I would suggest for you to: 1. Stop using all of the products at the same tim to give your skin time to relax and breathe and then use one product at a time. For example: try using only the Tonymoly Chok Chok Cream for a week and see if it causes irritation, if not then you can move on to layering another product, say using the Sheet Mask once a week and see if that causes irritation; 2. Try comparing the ingredients this way you may know what might be causing the irritation; 3. Try not to overload your skin by using a lot of products. This also causes irritation. And 4. Maybe it’s how you cleanse your skin? Exfoliated too much?

      For your hyperpigmentation I would highly suggest the Guerisson 9 Complex cream, using it every night it helps lighten skin pigmentation. Or you can also try using Vitamin C Serums like Klair’s or Purito brand, but make sure to wear sunblock in the morning!

      You can read my full review of Guerisson 9 Complex Cream here:

      And I would like to suggest a sunblock that works great with oil control and it does not irritate the skin:

      Hope this helps! 😘 Let me know if I can help with anything else. 💙


  2. What you said about cleasing just made a memory hit the surface of my mind. Back then, when I started my Korean skin care, I mistaken a water based cleasing with the oil cleasing and after using it and feeling my skin getting too drying, I discovered that I was using like, two water based cleasing (and both had ph like 8). So, THAT’S probably is the cause! I remember looking to the ingredients of all those I told you above and none of them were the same. How it never occurred me before? Anyway… I’m going to try this sunscreen you made the review soon as possible. Right now I’m using the sunscreen Etude house sunprise corrector Light. I used Loreal, La Roche-Posay and Roc and they made my skin SO OILY but the Etude House one is pretty good. My T-zone is still oily in the end of the day but I think I need work in my skin care routine to make it get better. Any recomendations? I don’t even use bb cream (still searching for a decent one haha) just the sunscreen, so, I don’t think is too much make-up or something…
    Thanks for your help and for your patience, you’re a sweetheart!

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    1. Hey no problem! 😘 I’m glad to be of help 💙

      Oh no! I hope your skin is better now. My skin used to be so oily on the T-zone and butterfly zone and so dry everywhere. What I did was I would use a hydrating serum (lightweight, watery serums) I would layer this a couple of times and then I would follow with a hydrating cream that is not too thick. Doing this daily and with a bit of experimenting with different products, it really helped with less production of oils on T-zone.

      Growing up I used to think that when I have oily skin I need to keep it dry but that just makes everything worse plus added skin problems. I strongly advise you to keep your skin hydrated and use products that gives extra boost of moisture. For an added pampering, I suggest using hydrating sheet masks daily. It’s okay to do that since hydrating sheet masks are only going to make your skin drink more moisture, for example aloe vera sheet masks; then following up with your night cream. I know it may sound absurd using sheet masks every night, but it really does help. Try to use sheet masks from The Face Shop or Mediheal. If you need a soothing sheet mask try Klair’s they make great ones although it’s kind of expensive.

      I’m sorry if I am not able to throw other brand names I have not tried high end brands yet, but I try my best to give you options that are not so expensive and are using natural ingredients that I can personally say that they do work.

      Oh BTW don’t forget to cleanse properly when using sunscreens! 💙


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