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A.H.C. Pure Real Eye Cream For Face Season Five

Hi! Today is about A.H.C. Pure Real Eye Cream For Face Season Five! The first time I used this on mom and dad they kept laughing because of the title “Eye cream for face”.

A.H.C. is one of the most celebrated brand in Korea that produces high-end skin care products. One of the most popular ones is their eye cream.

A.H.C. The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face

Product Claims:
AHC’s concentrated eye cream with 91% of naturally driven ingredients will make your skin flawless, ageless and radiant. 17 peptide complexes firm your wrinkle and enhance your skin elasticity, while Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge extract takes care of pigmentation. Rich, nutritious rice extract deeply hydrates your skin as well.

It smells a bit of lime.

Very creamy.

It’s in a white tube with fancy printed decorations on it.

My experiences


  • The packaging makes it easy to dispense small amounts.
  • There was no separation that formed even when it’s left in a summer hot room.
  • It did not cause any irritations.
  • Non-comedogenic.
  • It goes on very smooth. πŸ‘
  • On contact, it just melts. πŸ‘
  • Easily absorbed by the skin.
  • “A little goes a long way” definitely.
  • It doesn’t leave a film on the skin even when I accidentally put on too much. πŸ‘
  • With continuous use it helps lessen fine lines and smile lines.
  • Great hydration! πŸ‘
  • It brightened up my dull complexion. πŸ‘
  • It helps lighten acne marks when used continuously. πŸ‘
  • Even though it’s only 12mL it lasted me for a while. Around two months day and night use. πŸ‘ They also have this in full size (30mL).
  • I’ve noticed that when I forget to use this for couple of weeks my eye area is dry and lines from when I smile.
  • I mostly use this for a substitute for my cream specially when my skin is really dry.
  • It brightened my skin making me look well rested.


A.H.C. Pure Real Eye Cream Season 5
This much is enough for one eye. It’s very rich.

A.H.C. Pure Real Eye Cream For Face Season 5 Swatch


Neutral Ground:

  • For 12mL of eye cream that can be used on the entire face, the price isn’t so bad.


  • The company keeps upgrading the product like once a year I think.


On the last step of morning and evening skin regime.

Take a teeny tiny amount and spread it on the eye area and laugh lines.
Use on the entire face and neck.


  1. Try not to squeeze it so much, the product has the tendency to squirt specially if it’s new.
  2. Small amounts are the way to go, apply more if you think your skin needs more. Remember, 12mL is all you get.
  3. When using for the whole face, gently massage until completely absorbed.
  4. When pulling an all nighter I reapply this under my eyes. It does its job.


I love using this product I highly recommend this. Have you tried this? an experience with this product! πŸ’™ Thanks for dropping by!

For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.


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