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Missha Layer Blurring Cover Primer Pore Cover

It’s Saturday again! Yeah! Today is about pore blurring, and I have this product from Missha, a Korean brand, to talk about. There are two types of this Layer Blurring Primer: Pore Cover and Lasting Cover.


Missha Layer Blurring Primer Pore Cover


Product Claims:

Pore cover primer to complete a smooth and flawless skin texture

Pore covering formula that evens out uneven skin including uneven pores, lines in order to ensure clean and smooth skin.

Sebum control powder manages excessive sebum to keep the skin soft without greasiness.

Refines the rough texture of skin and reduces flaws, creating a polished cancas for makeup.

Faint perfume smell.

Smooth and moussey.

It’s packaged in a squeezy tube with a tiny nozzle.

Matte finish.

Missha Layer Blurring Primer Pore Cover Swatch
That much amount is all I needed.


My experiences


  • It did not cause any form of irritations.
  • The smell disappears after application.
  • It did not clog my pores. 👍
  • Applied easily and smoothly.
  • It isn’t sticky nor clumps up. 👍
  • It feels super lightweight.
  • Smoothed my large pores and fine lines very well. 👍
  • It has a blurring airbrushed look. 👍
  • Since it’s colored it didn’t leave any white residue.
  • It really helped my makeup stick even when I started to oil up.
  • It doesn’t cling on to dry patches.


Neutral ground:

  • It sort of balls up when applied too much.
  • There is some oil control going on.



  • Uh.. nothing here.


Missha Layer Blurring Primer Pore Cover Swatch
The pore cover side (right) has a blur effect making it look airbrushed


Using small amounts, I spread it on my skin and use gentle, small, circular motions to blend it in.

For my fellow combination, acne prone skin out there, you should try this! ❤


For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.


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