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La Pureve Hyal Moist Intense Cream

Whether it’s hot or cold or in between seasons, we need to hydrate our skin to prevent sagging and irritations. And it’s always better if it isn’t too oily or heavy on the skin. This product that I will share with you today is about a cream that I have been reaching for a lot these past few months. I think I got this sometime last year.

La Pureve Hyal Moist Intense Cream


Product Claims:

Powerful moisturising of 3WS, providing nutrients, strengthening elasticity and skin barrier, skin tone and texture care, providing clear skin and soothes troubled skin.

Smells like lotion. It’s not overpowering.

Thick-ish cream type. Kinda like lotion and pudding.

It comes in a beige tub that has an inner lid. No fancy stuff going on.

La Pureve Hyal Moist Intense Cream

My experiences 


  • The packaging it’s pretty light weight and kind of rounded on the top for easier handling of the product and it has the inner lid for better protection. 👍 I appreciated that a lot.
  • It did not cause any irritation on my skin even when I was having my hormonal breakouts.
  • It help soothe my irritated skin.
  • A couple of dots on parts of my face did a great job with hydration. 👍 Definitely “a little goes a long way”.
  • The smell reminds me somewhat of my all time favorite BBW Black Amethyst lotion when it’s settled on my skin. 👍
  • The consistency is thick so I never need a lot of it even when my skin is really dry for some reason. 👍
  • Deep and outer skin hydration the whole day! 👍👍
  • It makes my face soft and looks plump.
  • No oil film left on the skin when used minimal amount.
  • My skin looked and felt firmer it made my acne scars less obvious.
  • It helped minimize the appearance of pores even with this heat. 👍


La Pureve Hyal Moist Intense Cream Swatch

Neutral Ground:

  • It doesn’t dry down fully so there’s a very subtle tacky feeling on the skin.
  • Minimal oil production on my nose and cheek after 2 hours.



  • It’s hard to find where I live.
  • When I applied a little too much, then went to bed, in the morning my skin felt like there was an oil film all over it.
  • Not good to apply when using liquid makeup. It made my cushion and liquid foundation and the VDL primer slide around it was just annoying.


La Pureve Hyal Moist Intense Cream Swatch


I use this on the last step of my morning and or night skin care.

I dot this all ovet my face and neck then gently spread and massage it in my skin until it’s completely absorbed.


  1. Don’t use too much. Like I said a couple of dots on each part of the face is more than enough.
  2. Try to keep the tub upright at all times. The product likes to slide around a lot.


This is one of my skin savers. It’s just so sad that I can’t find it here in the Philippines anymore. Defintely one of the hidden gems in the kbeauty world.

For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.



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