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Althea Birthday Haul!

Hi there! Today I want you to join me with unboxing my Althea Birthday Haul! As you know I am now an Althea Angel which is super exciting, and while I was sick in bed, I recieved an amazing surprise from Althea Korea.

For those who don’t know them yet, they are a beauty company that curates to authentic Korean cosmetic products. They have everything from basic skin care to beauty tools and they ship worldwide. They recently added their own products don’t miss out on that!

Let’s dive in unboxing! I selected these personally using my gift credits and I am happy with what I got.



Althea Bare Essentials 3 step skin care

Althea Exclusive: Bare Essentials. This is a 3-step skin care regimen that promises to give you that glass skin look.

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner. Surprisingly it’s so tiny lol!

Chica Y Chico B-Salic 2.0 Plus

Chica-Y-Chico B-salic 2.0 Plus. I have been using this as soon as I got it. It is a treatment ointment/cream that helps overall skin health.

Beuins Whitening Sleeping Mask

Beuins Whitening Sleeping Mask. I figured why not try to get my facial skin to match my neck and body for once so I got this.

Saint Peau Red Ginseng Horse Pudding Sleeping Pack

Saint Peau Red Ginseng Horse Pudding Sleeping Pack. This product promises to moisturise and help overall skin health and signs of aging.

Unpa Bubi Bubi Lip

Bubi Bubi Lip by Unpa. A lip bubble mask that exfoliates dead skin cells while it’s bubbling up. It’s pretty cool.

Rire Bubble Bubble Lip Mask

Rire Bubble Bubble Lip Mask. Much like Unpa but promises hydration. There will be a battle between them soon.

W.lab Jewelry Base Sapphire

W.lab Jewelry Base Sapphire. A makeup base that promises to give a strobing effect while making foundation last long.

VDL Lumilayer Primer

VDL Lumilayer Primer. I’ve been wanting to get one of this for so long and I’m glad I’ve finally gotten the chance to get my hands on it!

It's My Angle Foundation Brush

It’s My Brush Angle Foundation Brush. Since I have no foundation brush yet I got this. The bristles are very soft and it’s dense so I have my hopes up for this.

Althea Petal Velvet Powder Pink Lavender

Althea Exclusive: Limited Edition Petal Velvet Powder in Pink Lavender. Not just a setting powder, but gives dull complexion a healthy glow! I haven’t used this yet because I’m too mesmerized with the strobing effect those two primers are giving.

COC Eye Contact Single Eye Shadows

Coringco Eye Contact Single Eye Shadow. They are very soft and blendable. I also like that they are for an everyday look.

The Face Shop Mono Cube Eye Shadow Red Peony

The Face Shop Mono Cube Eye Shadow in Red Peony. It has gold shimmer and even though the shade looks strong it goes on sheer.

Aritaum Mermaid Collection. Mono Eyes Twinkle Eye Glitter

Aritaum Mermaid Collection. It gives a “mysterious feel” look. Sounds intriguing.

Unny Club Skinny S Slim Pencil

Unny Club Skinny S Slim Pencil. These skinny boys promises to be long wearing and waterproof.

Too Cool For School Artclass Contour By Rodin

Finally, Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin: Contour. I have been wanting to get one of this for a long time. Finally!!!

And that concludes my birthday haul. Some of the products I have already been using and testing out, some I haven’t yet. That’s a wrap up today! See you next week ❤

Thank you again Althea family! ❤

What do you think of the haul? Tried any of them, did you like or not like it? Share your thoughts! ❤ Thank you for joining me today ❤

Disclaimer: These products are gifted to me, but all thoughts and opinions are honest and are my own.

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