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I am now an Althea Angel!

Hi! I’m happy to announce that I am now an Althe Angel! 😊 And as part of their welcome to angels they sent out Welcome gifts! This is very exciting for me as it’s my first time. πŸ’™ It took me a while to write this because I was on my vacation with my family and I was sick a lot.

Althea is an online shopping mall that caters to Korean beauty products from basic skin needs to innovative makeup and promises to only sell authentic products. It’s a great place to shop since they constantly have new products, deals and free gift when purchasing. Recently they started to release their exclusive products so don’t miss out on that. They also ship worldwide!

In the gift box are:

🎁Althea’s very own Real Fresh Skin Detoxer Rose and Green Tea.
🎁A beautiful hand mirror.
🎁A makeup bag.
🎁An Althea canvas bag.
🎁A welcome letter.

Althea Angel's Welcome Gift

I’m very excited about all of them specially the skin detoxers because my skin badly needs them and a hand mirror which I always always forget to buy haha! In addition to that I now have a pink makeup pouch that surprisingly has big space for the makeup haul I did when they gave out birthday gifts! I was sick during my birthday (not surprised about that) and I was super excited when they gave me a gift and I used that for my makeup haul! I’ll do an unboxing next week on that so be sure to check it out! πŸ’™

My first impression on the Green Tea Skin Detox is that it really did a great job with pore cleansing and also it dried out my pimples over night I was shocked to find out in the morning that my angry pimples are gone and it has a great soothing effect. The smell was wonderful I’m a big fan of green tea smell and it comes in a huge tube so I highly recommend this for everyone looking for a good skin detox.


I’m not a fan of pink but I’m not complaining since now I have a nice chic looking makeup pouch.

The hand mirror is big enough to see the whole face properly and it looks stylish. It isn’t huge but the quality is good and I appreciate that.

The whole package is well thought out in my opinion as it gave essentials.

I want to give a shoutout to the Althea Korea family for giving me an opportunity to be a part of their beauty ambassador’s community and for sending these my way, of course also I feel that God blessed me with this and I am very greatful it’s such a wonderful birthday present.

See you guys next week for the Althea Exclusive Real Fresh Skin Deoxers! ❀


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