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Trying out the 7 Skin Method

Lately (like last year) there’s been this talk about a new method called The 7 Skin Method. What’s this thing?

7 Skin is basically using a “skin” product seven times on your skin care habits. Skin products are also called Softener or Toner. (You can read more info in this post I had) Using one kind or multiple kinds of toner are okay for this method as it pinpoints different problems of the skin. From what I’ve researched and read 7 skin method is mainly layering for deep hydration, but you can evolve this to your liking for different skin issues.


For example, if your procedure is:
Double Cleansing ➡ Exfoliating ➡ Toner ➡ Emulsion ➡ Serum ➡ Ampoule ➡ Cream ➡ Eye Cream OR whatever the steps you have

Then it’ll be more like this:

Double Cleansing ➡ Toner x 7 ➡ Cream ➡ Eye Cream

I know it’s still time consuming since you basically apply toner seven times, but it does have it’s benefits and easier to apply after getting used to it.



  1. Deep hydration. All skin types will benefit from this specially us who have dehydrated skin.
  2. Glowing skin. Who doesn’t want that?
  3. Less product consumption in terms of the number of products used in a daily basis.
  4. No more dry flakey skin yay!
  5. Plump and brighter skin.
  6. Very refreshing.
  7. Less worry of skin getting tired and dry and sad after the day.



  1. Cleanse your skin.
  2. Right after cleansing, drop a few of your toner on a cotton pad and wipe your skin with it.
  3. While your skin is still damp, put some of the toner on your palm and apply on the face and neck until you reach 7 times.
  4. Finish off with your cream.

Using an alcohol free and natural ingredient toner or a watery type of essence is preferable for this method. If using two or more kinds, I would suggest sticking with what your skin needs and products that aren’t thick and sticky so the skin won’t be overloaded that can cause more problems.

Onsaemeein Bifida 100%
Lightweight watery serum I use for this method


Typically seven skin is only in the toner part of the process. But since I like experimenting with things – some might shake their heads at me and scold me I bet – this is what I did. Since I have been lazy and getting side tracked a lot lately with my skin care habits (not good 😂) I tried the 7 skin method.

What I did was:

Double Cleansing ➡ Exfoliating/pH balancing Toner ➡ 1st Skin – 6th Skin ➡ Very Lightweight, Watery Essence ➡ 7th Skin ➡ Hydrating Cream ➡ Eye Cream (not always)

Looking at that is just crazy isn’t it?


Before you say that’s just too much, my way of thinking is that I apply the seventh skin after the essence since the essence product I use isn’t thick and the toner would help my skin absorb it better by layering a small amount and slowly pushing the products in the deep layers of my skin. This is just the way I found very helpful for my dehydrated combination skin. But, of course, you can just do the usual application steps if you’re thinking of trying the method out.



As I did this every evening, enjoying the process a lot, the next morning I wake up with pump, poofy, deeply hydrated skin which is really awsome except for the part that (for me) it looks too plump and poofy I kinda look like I have thyroid problems 😂😂😂 some might enjoy the plump and poofy look. But! It keeps my skin hydrated and plump the whole day even after bathing so that’s good. My acne scarred cheeks aren’t looking tired and saggy. It also helps a lot with oily problems and smoothing out those fine lines. Firmer and glowy skin. 🤓 The poofy-ness comes down too.

I tried lowering it to 5 since the poofy look was bothering me and I’m kinda running out of toner, it did help lessen that look but still gave all the hydration and other good stuff. Downside to this is faster consumption of toner.

Secret Key Rose Toner


  1. Never use astringent or toners with alcohol in it.
  2. Only use watery, lightweight, non-sticky, not thick essence if you want to use essence instead.
  3. When first starting, try applying it for 3 times then work your way up if your feel uncomfortable doing it 7 times. Starting in small layers, you will be able to see if your skin needs more or it’s enough.
  4. Always finish off with cream to lock in all that hydration.

As of now I’m only using one toner (a hydrating toner) so I can’t comment about other stuff, but if you do use different toners let me know if it helped your skin problem/s!

For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.

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