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Prreti Second Skin Patch

Hello there. Tired of bad makeup? Can’t use makeup because of pimples and inflammed cystic pimples? Me too!

Second Skin Patch by the Korean brand Prreti is made specifically for this plus some extra love for our troubled skin. I sounded like an ad hahaha!

Prreti Second Skin Patch


Product Claims:


Skin protection with very thin membrane

This patch improves and soothes irritated skin by strengthening skin’s own function.

Smells like menthol and aftershave.

Thin gel like texture.

A green and white plastic squeeze tube and plastic applicator.


My experiences:


  • Packaging makes it hygienic.
  • The smell suprised me but as soon as I spread it the smell is gone.
  • Feels very lightweight.
  • It’s easy to spread. 👍
  • Does not feel sticky even when in the process of drying. 👍
  • It has a cooling effect. 👍
  • It doesn’t easily lifts or peels off on moisturized skin. 👍
  • I used it overnight on angry pimples over my skin care, the patches did got peeled off but the angry pimples aren’t inflammed anymore. 👍
  • It’s breathable, it’s non-comedogenice. 👍

Neutral Ground:

  • It dries down after 3 minutes.
  • It has a sheen after it’s dried down.


  • It does slide off over the cream I’m using.
  • On unmoisturised dry skin it peels off on the outer edges specially on the cheek area and the sides of the mouth.

Under cushion foundation – it sort of moves it so the sides peels off.

Prreti Second Skin Patch and Laneige BB Cushion
It peeled off on the nose part so avoid that part.

Under beauty balm – nope nope nope.

Prreti Second Skin Patch and Dr Jart+ BB Cream
Nope nope nope

Under liquid foundation – it does a lot better and almost apply on perfectly except for the nose creases if I apply the second skin patch there.

Prreti Second Skin Patch and Bourjoir Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
It looks a lot better except for that part on the nose that I scratched

Under powder – I dont even want to it looks so dry and really enhances everything.

Let’s peel it off!

Prreti Second Skin Patch Peeling

After cleansing I spread it on inflammed areas.

I spread it on the area very thinly using my fingers.


  1. Use small amounts and evenly spread it out to a thin layer.
  2. Wait for 3 minutes to fully dry down before using makeup.
  3. Do not use over oil based skin care or any skin care that contains oil ingredients.
  4. If you do want to use it under makeup I highly suggest to steer away from applying it on the nose creases and sides of the mouth. You can get away with it if you use it on the broader areas.


It doesn’t suck out the gunk from pimples but it does calm down inflammed angry skin. Plus it’s a great way of protecting and smoothing the skin when I want to wear foundation.

For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.



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