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Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster


I was walking around the mall like a confused child looking at display counters. I left my lipbalm at home and my super dry lips were really annoying me. As I was standing infront of the L’oreal counter looking at lipsticks I looked to my left 😱 Catrice and Essence side by side! (Actually I saw Maybelline first with a huge sale) I went to check what they have on sale and remembered I wanted a lip gloss that has moisturising power yet has plupming effect too. The sales lady told me about this product and gave me some info about it. I was hesitant. Cause it’s pink. But she said transparent when applied and on sale so… Tada! 😂😆

Product Claims:

Volume to go! The Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster gives your lips instant volume and shine while hiding fine lines. Formulated with menthol and moisturizing ingredients for cool, plump, and soft lips. The results: feminine lips with a shiny rosé finish. Not tested on animals.

Menthol. It reminds me of a liniment.

Creamy gel like texture.

It’s in a transparent rectangular tube with a silver screw on cap. The applicator is a straight doe-foot.

My experiences


  • Very chic looking packaging.
  • It’s smells like menthol. Very refreshing.
  • It does hydrate lips you an see immediately.
  • I got mine in the shade SomeBare Over the Rainbow, it’s light pink in the tube but when applied its transparent.
  • It has shimmer. Juicy looking lips lol!
  • The menthol was very pleasant on the lips.
  • Very easy to apply even though it’s on the thick side.
  • If you don’t disturb your lips it’s gonna last a long time. Mine lasted 2 hours max because I kept drinking water. I’m so thirsty today.
  • It tastes like menthol 😆
  • It doesn’t dry down to like really dry, it leaves a thin film over the lips and it kept my lips moisturised. 👍
  • With one layer, it’s pretty thick on the lips that gives this light color of baby pink all over the lips and kinda lightens the dark parts around the lips.
  • At the end of the night, my lips didn’t feel as dry as it was before applying it (I bought it in the afternoon) so that’s really great. 👍
  • After wiping it off it still leaves a very natural very faint tint of pink. It made my discolored lips look lighter.

Neutral Ground:

  • Plumped up my lips fast, but it isn’t permanent. Once the gloss starts drying my lips started to slowly dry and shrink to its normal er.. size again.
  • It’s a little too sticky.


  • Well it’s gloss so it transfers crazy.

Use alone for plump-ish very shiny lip. Or over lipstick to give a moisture boost.


One coat is all you need. Apply on the lips like any other lip gloss you use.


  1. You can apply this before you put your skin care and makeup so you’d have moisturized, plump lips when you finally out your lipstick on.
  2. Use alone for a juicy, glossy looking lip throughout the day.
  3. Apply over lipstick for a moisture boost and glossy pout.
  4. Apply before and after lipstick for more moisture punch. Make sure to wipe excess before applying lipstick. No it won’t help the lipsticks adherance on you lips though.
  5. Try not to get the gloss in your mouth it feels so drying on the tongue.

I’m actually enjoying it despite the fact that it’s pink it’s pretty nice looking and it really helps the lips throughout the day. I haven’t tried the other colors if they make any differences colorwise. Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts about it?

That’s it for today! Thank you so much for stopping by ❤


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One thought on “Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster

  1. I have this one but mine is in like dark mauve shade. I quite like it for summer because it does give that juicy full lips look. Definitely agree that lips get a bit dry when this one wears off, so I re apply it every hour or so. xx

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