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Canmake Day & UV Lip Serum

Hello there! I’m on a lip care mania this past few weeks, I don’t have a lot of lip care products but this one is probably a fave.

Canmake is a Japanese brand that has a wide range of beauty products, they also have different lip stuff, but I only got one of them because they aren’t that inexpensive, but not super expensive either. It’s like in between.

I should probably get the other two and see which is better.

Product Claims:

SPF 14 · PA +.
Baby like, pure leaping plunk lip!
Plus UV curing effect on nonsilicon lip beauty solution penetrating the stratum corneum.
Keeping the lips of Purupuru by caring for beauty ingredients while blocking ultraviolet rays.

Smells like lipstick. Which is weird because it’s a lip balm/lip serum.

Thick-ish cream. Reminds me of Catrice Volume Lip Gloss

Simple pink squeeze tube with a plastic applicator and a flesh colored screw on cap.

My experiences


  • It goes on very creamy yet thick kind of.
  • Very easy to apply all over the lips even with dry chapped lips.
  • It doesn’t have a strong smell.
  • Not sticky.
  • It has a very light pink color on it that lightens my discolored lips a little not in a weird way.
  • After 30 minutes it becomes a little thin but it’s still there.
  • Definitely made my lips feel smooth and hydrated. 👍
  • A little yes to the plumping part. It’s not super plumping, but it definitely gives volume to the lips. 👍 Like it doesn’t look like I’m dying of thirst anymore LOL!
  • It’s weird cause it feels so thick but very lightweight. 😵 I’m not complaining though it feels like I don’t have anything on.
  • “A little goes a long way” yes definitely yes 👍 which is good cause the tube would last me a while.
  • It has SPF 14 PA+, a little low for such delicate skin but it’s better than nothing.
  • After drying down kinda (it doesn’t fully dry down) it hugs the lips like “Nooo don’t wipe me I want to stay here it’s comfy” kind of feel. It feels nice.

Neutral Ground:

  • There is no cooling effect.


  • The applicator is plastic. It’ fused with the tube like that Himalaya lip balm I had. It gets really messy so you have to keep wiping it but also hygienic. So 🤓
  • Since it’s applied on the lips it’s hard not to get it in the mouth and when it does it feel weird on the tongue and has a gross taste to it it made my head hurt.


  • As a gloss: With clear coloring giving natural lip color to the lips, finish it like a baby shiny lips.
  • Lip cream: Plant & food-derived beauty moisturizing ingredients (honey, shea butter, safflower oil) formulation penetrate far into the stratum corneum! Can also be used as a base for lip makeup!
  • As a serum for daytime: SPF 14 PA+. Prevent ultraviolet rays and prepare to moist and soft lips.

Like any other lips balm, swipe it all over the lips.


  1. Clean and exfoliate your lips of course (I know you’re tired of hearing this).
  2. Use before starting your skin care after shower. Why? Cause it’s a lip serum that will nourish, softens and volumize your pucker.
  3. You can use this under lipstick. Just wipe away the excess.
  4. Use small amounts. Layer if you need more. Because it’s thick and if you put too much on the first go chances are you waste product and it’s gonna go inside your mouth or outside your lip lines. Hehe like you ate something messy 😂
  5. Always, always, always clean the applicator witha clean tissue after every use to avoid a gross pile all over it and for less bacteria buildup inside the tube.
  6. Also try not to share your lip stuff to anyone else. You know it’s better safe than sorry.
  7. I use this too as a lip mask before going to bed and it gives me a plumped, soft lips in the morning. Although it’s better to use the Day & Night Serum for that.


  1. Please do not keep it in extremely hot or cold places, direct sunlight, high humidity place, infant hands.
  2. After use, wipe the mouth of the tube with tissue paper etc., please close the cap tightly.

My final thoughts about this product are: I like it, I love it, I’m definitely going to use it everyday and you should try it. Although, have you tried this particula one? Any thoughts about this product?
That’s a wrap for today! Thank you for stopping by, I’ll see you next week! ❤


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