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Benton Fermentation Essence

Lately my skin has been veery irritated due to weather changes and my imbalanced hormones 😦 my Onsaemeein essence which I just love can,t handle my spoiled brat of a skin during these times so I was rumaging around my stuff and I remember that I have this product called Benton Fermentation Essence that I got around March of last year? LOL so I decided that I’d finally try out this product. And I should’ve used this long ago for all those irritated crazy skin days!

Product Claims:

Fermentation Essence is your all-in-one anti-age solution. Designed to go on immediately after cleansing, this First Essence is a highly concentrated formula packed with skin-healthy nutrients to instantly hydrate and prep your skin. At the same time, reduce and prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dull and uneven skin tones. The featured ingredients include Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Bifida Ferment Lysate, EGF and Ceramide that provide intensive firming and moisturizing benefits to keep the skin looking youthful. Couple this item with the Benton Fermentation Eye Cream to maximize the anti-aging benefits.

It has this distinct smell I can’t really put my finger on it, but it quickly dissipates.

Water like texture but heavier and thicker. Reminds me of TFS AIO Treatment.

It’s in a black plastic bottle with a black pump.

My experiences:


  • It did not cause any form of irritations.
  • It’s quickly absorbed by the skin.
  • Does not leave a film over the skin. πŸ‘
  • The smell fades fast.
  • Very lightweight.
  • It has an immediate brightening effect.
  • For some reason it calmed down my skin. πŸ‘
  • Pore care is great! It minimized my pores. πŸ‘
  • Very good with oil control. πŸ‘
  • It helped with my clogged pores. πŸ‘
  • Great with pore tightening.
  • I used this after being on a long trip and I didn’t have skin care left on me and so my face was really irritated, for some reason (maybe the fermented ingredients in it) it calmed my skin, my acne scars on my cheeks stopped being annoying and hot just after one use. It’s such a great experience.

Neutral Ground:

  • It feels drying when used alone.

After toner, I pump the product twice on my palm and spread it on my face and neck.


  • Use small amounts. If you need more you can always pump out more.
  • Wrapping method works with this. It feels nice actually.
  • Always finish off with a hydrating cream before it completely dries off.

I love my Onsaemeein Galactomyces and Bifida, but this product makes my skin calm when it’s really irritated, so I’ve been reaching for this more specially when my skin is acting up. I highly recommend this if you have irritated skin!

Have you tried this? Any thoughts or comments? Tips with using it? Let us know down the comments! ❀

For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, acne-prone, cystic acne prone, acne scars, redness, and dehydrated skin.

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