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Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette

Hi there! Back for another review 😊 today is about Pony Effect Customizable Lip Palette.

Pony Effect is one of the biggest MUA in South Korea. Her cosmetic line is more on a watercolor effect than a strong and bold look which I personally prefer. But her base makeup are more to the light to fair skin tone you know ’cause she’s korean so even though they’re all in a rose gold and black packaging (so beautiful) I didn’t get any. Also ’cause they’re pretty expensive (probably depends on which country you live in or if you’re on a budget). Anyway let me introduce you to this beautiful, super reflective you can use it as a mirror lip palette.

Product Claims:
This super customizable palette stars 5 base colors and 5 tone-adjusting hues so you can play around with endless shades to perfect any look. The sleek case even features a thumb hole so you can create your masterpiece with effortless hold and ease.

Plus, it comes with a nifty dual-ended brush with a pointed silicone end for mixing and a flat end for smooth application.

It has a lipstick sort of smell.


It comes in a rose gold, very shiny, sturdy plastic packaging. The inside is dark blue where you find the pans, a mirror, a reflective mixing plate, a dual ended brush.

Glossy to semi-matte finish.

My experiences:

The Package:

  • It has a magnetic lock. πŸ‘
  • The packaging is just beautiful.
  • It has four tone adjusting colors, very helpful for people who wants to add warmer color or cooler tone in their lipsticks. This is helpful for me.
  • The four tone adjusting colors can be used to mix in your other lipstick products
  • that isn’t too warm or too cool for you πŸ‘
  • The mixing plate is very helpful.
  • If you’re a professional mua or you’re experienced with mixing colors or you wanna have fun and create unique colors this is definitely for you!
  • It has a small pamphlet that shows you the amount of colors mixed to get a certain shade.

The Product:

  • It has a subtle lipstick smell.
  • Don’t worry there’s no taste.
  • It’s creamy.
  • A little gives good pigment.
  • Very easy to use for that gradient lip look. πŸ‘
  • The tone adjusting pans can be used for more funky and daring looks πŸ˜„
  • 10 different shades in one palette! No more carrying so many lipsticks around lol!
  • A light dab on the product was enough to cover my small lips and discoloration giving a blotted lip look. πŸ‘
  • It’s prerty lightweight and moisturizing. πŸ‘
  • Not sticky at all. πŸ‘
  • The colors are easy to blend! πŸ‘
  • It leaves a tinted look after a mug of coffee.

Neutral Ground:

  • Price range belongs here.
  • The packaging is plastic so try not to drop it on hard surfaces although it feels pretty durable.
  • Being a palette all the pans are exposed upon opening.
  • It has a thumb hole for easier handling but it’s right below one pan.
  • You have to be careful if you mix a lot of colors when using the silicon end of the dual ended brush because it can be messy.
  • It’s a little sheer, but it has great pigmentation.


  • It can be messy.
  • It’s not for people on the go if you don’t exactly like the 6 base shades.
  • You can’t remake the shade you did if you don’t make a lot and store in a separate pot.
  • Not really ideal if you don’t know the color wheel (like me) because you might end up using too much of product and not get the shade you want, but you can learn (if that’s a good thing for you hehe).
  • Not transferproof.

Mix the colors you want on the mixing plate (or a separate one) for a unique look!

Use a brush (or the one that comes in the packaging) and apply evenly on the lips.


  • Use a full sized spatula for easier mixing.
  • Always remember to clean the mixing plate because if you close the palette you’ll find it right bellow the four tone adjusting pans.
  • Use small amounts at a time as to not waste product!
  • If you have a lipstick that’s too dark, light, cool toned, warm toned you can use this to adjust it’s color!
  • I like using a full sized lip brush better cause the one that comes with it is just tiny.
    If you don’t want to use the mixing palette you can take one color and swipe it in sections on your lips and take another color and do the same and just use the lip brush to go all over them mixing them in the process.

Overall I love the product and the convenience of the shades and packaging. I’m gonna try some funky color mixes with this LOL! I don’t have a shade ratio for the colors that I use I just take some and mix some and hope I got the right color that I want. Do you guys have a recipe for your favorite shade? Share them down below!

Thank you so much for reading the post today I hope you find something useful or helpful on this post. ❀


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