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Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cereal

Today will be one quick review because I forgot to take pictures of the product and I used it all up in about 2 months, I apologize for that. I love this product, it’s a must have.

The product is from Neogen called Real Fresh Foam in Cereal. I have it in Cranberry too I haven’t used that yet. Neogen just makes great skin care don’t they? Very innovative too in my opinion. But hey, they all are.

Product Claims:

Check the REAL FRESH! REAL FRESH FOAM. Cereal Improve skin to be more bright, shine with fermented five grains ingredients

1.Clean skin Using 100% fruit juice from fresh fruits, it provides the natural as it self, and cleanses skin without irritation with 99 kinds of natural derived ingredients & cleansing ingredients.

2.Cleansing Rich and creamy, mild bubble foam decreases the direct friction between facial skin and hands and gently cleanses the pores in everywhere.

3.Pore care It reduces the dead skin cells that cover the pores, cleanses pore and makes skin to be soft, smooth condition.

4.Sebum controlling It decreases the amount of sebum, increases the moist amount of skin. It controls skin oil-moisture balance to prevent greasy skin and helps to maintain pure, clear status.

5.Moisturizing It helps cleansing without any irritation so it’s safe to use for sensitive skin also. With abundant hydration , it leaves only the moist feeling on skin after cleansing.


Like rice. Made me hungry lol.


Watery in the bottle.


It’s in a transparent cylindrical container with a white foamer pump.

My experiences


  • The packaging is transparent so you know how much product you have left.
  • At the bottom of the container you can see real rice grains which I find pretty cool.
  • It has a foamer, so I don’t need to lather it up.
  • It did not cause any irritations.
  • It smells really nice.
  • After using this, my skin felt like I exfoliated it, but it feels hydrated and my skin doesn’t feel raw either.
  • Made my skin smooth I kept touching my face afterwards.
  • It removed my blackheads well.
  • It’s so easy to use.
  • Everytime I feel that I need a lightweight cleansing product that just completely removes the dirt and grime off of my skin and my skin is just irritated, I grab this baby and wash everything away.

Neutral ground:

  • Hmm..nothing.


  • Well I didn’t experience any downsides.


Wet your face with lukewarm water (cold or room temperature water is fine too) then spray out one or two pumps of foam on your palm and evenly distribute it on your skin. Massage the product on your skin instead of massaging your skin with the product. Wash your skin well afterwards.


  1. As I’ve said, use the foam to massage on your skin. I found that this way my skin calms down and the pollution, sweat, oils, makeup just wash away completely off without my skin feeling a little raw or feels tight and dry after.
  2. Using it that way too helps a lot with blackhead removal.
  3. Don’t get this in your eye it stings so much.
  4. Use it day and night for a clear, bright, and clean face.

This is probably by far my favorite face cleanser! My mom loves it too. There are a variety of this product one of which includes green tea. Try it you might fall in love with it too. 😉

Have you tried this product? Which is your favorite among the four varieties? Share them all down below! Thank you so much for reading today’s post! ❤

For reference:

My skin is combination type, sensitive, oily T-zone and the sides of the nose and eyelids, enlarged pores, acne-prone, cystic and cluster acne problems, acne scars, uneven skin tone, redness, dehydrated skin.


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