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Hello everyone, it’s me 🙂

I just wanted to write a quick apology letter to you for not being able to post anything for roughly a month and not being so active. Last November and December my internet was cut off and I have been dealing with a flu somewhere in between there.

On December I had this stressful holiday travel to the province. Stressful because of what happened in the bus terminal, we waited for five to six hours standing under the rain because of some issues being people not listening and standing in proper assigned lines and instead making their own lines. That was annoying. And then when I got to our house in the province, I had to do chores and spend time with my family. I know they won’t believe it but I really miss them and I hate myself for not being a nice eldest sister to them during their childhood and I’m trying to make up for that.

I’m not whining. I love spending time with them, doing chores because it’s relaxing, walking the dog, walking the goat, making excuses to get them to go out with me and get ice cream or milk tea just so I can spend time with them.

Then there was the keeping our house safe and guarding the house because there are people trying to rob the house. Since I usually stay up late I enjoy the quiet and the bright moon and shining stars while having coffee and guarding our house.

Then I also had to take care of my kittens (I have a lot) one of them died four days ago sadly.

There was just so many things that happened and some flu here and there, so I apologize for not being active (not that I was super active before).  I’m really trying to be at least sociable. It’s exhausting for me.

Thank you so much to those of you who stayed despite of my hibernation episodes. And thank you to those of you who still read my posts and visit my Instagram and/or vsco. ❤ Thank you. It means a lot to me.



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