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Foodaholic Grape Essential Body Cleanser

Hi! It’s Saturday again and we can spend a little more time pampering our skin!

Today is all about body wash 😱 this is a quick read.

Product Claims:

It contains highly moisturizing fruit extract, it cares the tighten skin to be smooth. It cleans overly secreted sebum and sweat, and delicate soft foam which refresh and comfort the body.


-For removing keratin & clear skin.

– It contains grape extract that provides moisture to the skin after shower.


Smells like grapes 🍇


Thick liquid texture.

My experiences:

  • No irritations.
  • Very grapey smell! It reminds me of B&BW Wonderland body gel.
  • My skin felt moisturized after using, I didn’t have to use a lotion. But only at first because my skin is dehydrated.
  • The smell lasted half a day on my skin.
  • It feels like I’m using Dove soap.
  • My skin feels pampered after using this.
  • I really love this I wish I bought another bottle.
  • It brightens the skin, but I’m not fully sure about a long term brightening effect.
  • It made my skin feel so soft.

Angle’s experiences:

  • Super soft on the skin.
  • Feels like Dove moisturizing soap.
  • No irritations on the skin.
  • Smells fruity, and long lasting smell on the skin.
  • She said that her skin was moisturized when she uses this.

Alexis’ experience:

  • Her skin felt moisturized.
  • Smells nice.
  • No irritations on the skin.

(She’s too shy)

We all love this body wash as it’s so big the whole family can use it and it smells like grapes!

Thanks so much for stopping by! ❤ Have you tried this? Thoughts about this product? Share them down the comments!


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