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Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Hi there! It’s Saturday again. It’s December!!! and I’m back for another review. Today is about this ice cream shaped lip tint!

Etude House came up with this cute cute product last year if I’m not mistaken. It was popular (still is) for its packaging and the sweet smell it has. I introduce you to Dear darling Water Gel Tint!

There are six colors to choose from


Product Claims:

The moisture tint expresses sweet color like ice cream as it refreshingly melts into the lips.



  • Peach Red and Apricot Red smells like cotton candy! 🍬
  • Watermelon Red smells like red tea πŸ‰
  • Red Bean Red smells like grape flavored cotton candy πŸ‡

But they all smell like sweet sweet candy floss.


Watery gel.


It comes in a clear ice cream pop shaped hard plastic. The ice cream handle is specifically made for this because when you check the applicator stem, it’s seamless. So cute.


Glossy during application, semi-glossy after it dries down. Fully dries as a stain.

My experiences


  • Very lightweight.
  • It has a cooling effect.
  • It isn’t sticky when it dries completely.
  • It dries after a couple of minutes.
  • The packaging ugh it’s so cute.
  • It was easy to spread, the color isn’t patchy at all πŸ‘
  • I applied it to my dry almost cracky lips and it hydrated my lips! πŸ‘ I think that’s what the gel does and the it leaves the color staining the lips.
  • After it dries down it doesn’t transfer at all πŸ‘
  • It smells soooo sweet πŸ‘
  • After coffee, the tint color stayed πŸ‘
  • The doe foot applicator is squeezed by the neck rubber to get a decent amount of color that is exact for small-ish lips like mine it’s just great since I don’t like dispensing too much product and wasting them by blotting.
  • Also to add to that, it doesn’t bleed.
  • It doesn’t settle to fine lines πŸ‘
  • The tint (after 2 coats) didn’t even rub off when I was massaging my Petitfee Oil Mask on my lips πŸ‘
  • I forgot to remove it and when I woke up I still had some tinge of the stain on my lips, so staying power is awesome πŸ‘
  • I swatched it on my forearm right? I had 2 baths already, I even wiped it with micellar water and alcohol. There’s still a faint stain there.

Neutral ground:

  • A little sticky while drying.
  • Color payoff wasn’t too great, but it gives a subtle look so it’s great for us who isn’t so thrilled using too pigmented lip. I like it. I think for an everyday lip look this is great.
  • When the lips are dehydrated, like mine πŸ˜₯, after a while on those parts of the lips it becomes dry again 😣 so put another layer πŸ˜‚


  • It tastes yucky lol
  • It didn’t really cover my discolored lips.

Color outcome on non-concealed, discolored lips of mine:

πŸ’„Apricot Red looked like light orangey pink on my lips.

πŸ‰Watermelon Red came out red.

🍷Red Bean Red looked like light stain of berry.

πŸ‘Peach Red came out kinda like hot pink lol.


  • Apply on clean lips.
  • Spread in the inner parts of the lips first then to the outer parts to get a gradient look.
  • For a more full and vivid color, let the first layer dry completely then add another layer.


Use makeup remover wipes or a dampened cotton with micellar water/makeup remover. Let it sit there for a bit then wipe.

I think I now get why the website said we aren’t supposed to use this on other parts of the body. I wiped this with a cotton pad soaked with Micellar water and washed with soap and water.


  1. Well first of all don’t get it in your mouth it tastes so bitter.
  2. Make sure to hydrate your lips before using ANY lip products for better outcome.
  3. For discolored lips use a lip concealer first, wait a few minutes to let it dry and gently blot, then apply the lip tint.
  4. Wait for it to dry down for a few minutes to let the stain set on your lips πŸ’‹
  5. If you want to add more layers then by all means, go for it! Just let it dry fully before adding the next layer.




I really like this product except for the outcome of the color because it looks different on my lips specially the Apricot Red πŸ™ but it is so convenient to carry, easy to use and staying power is great! Down side is your friend might take it because it’s too cute haha!

Thank you for stopping by! ❀ Have you tried this? What are your thoughts about this product? Tips and tricks for us? Share it down the comments!


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