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Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper

Hi! How was your week? Having problems with oily T-zone? Me too πŸ˜‚

Recently I purchased this blotting paper. Now to be honest I’m not exactly one of those who uses blotting papers, but this one is cute and compact and I just thought hey why not try it since your T-zone is all oily in this heat?

So I went ahead and got them. Introducing Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Bracchiosaurus Blotting Paper!


I don’t think it’s quite new in the market, but it’s new to me!


Product claims:

A pack of 50 oil-blotting papers with mulberry, charcoal, and green tea for matte and fresh looking skin.

The original Mulberry blotting paper is made from 100 percent Korean mulberry paper, a traditional handmade paper known as Hanji. It instantly removes oil and sebum without disturbing makeup.

TCFS Dinoplatz Blotting Paper

It comes in 3 variants, but I only have the mulberry one πŸ™ I want to try the other variants.


It is packed in a hard plastic square case with a compact mirror.


There’s a very faint smell of something I can’t describe it.


Like a very thin baking paper.

My experiences


  • It didn’t cause any reaction to my skin. Usually when I use blotting paper it makes my skin itch. πŸ‘
  • The paper absorbed the oil and there wasn’t any oily feel on the paper afterwards. πŸ‘
  • The sponge feels soft and rubbery. It’s so convenient and hygienic to use as the sponge has an adhesive film to the blotting paper. πŸ‘
  • Peeling off the paper from the adhesive is easy and it doesn’t rip it.
  • The package is a hard plastic and it comes in a real mirror. πŸ‘
  • I would say it has good absorption.
  • No powdery feel after blotting.
  • Angel used this, she loves how the sponge gently helps blot oil from her skin since she has acne problems.
  • The sponge helps lessen friction that she might cause. It’s awesome πŸ‘

Neutral ground:

  • It has a very faint smell.
  • Sad that there’s only 50 pieces per package, my T-zone is barely oily these days I guess it’s okay.
  • There are 2 sides, one is a little textured and this side seems to really absorb oil, the other side where the adhesive sticks is smooth, I tried blotting with that side to no effect. So I can say that the oil doesn’t pass through and make the adhesive in the sponge oily. I like that.


  • The paper is a little small in size, but I still managed to use it for my entire face.
  • It does not come with a refill or an extra sponge.

TCFS Dinoplatz Blotting Paper Texture

I would say that I like it, but I really hope it comes with a refill.

My sister did like it too, in fact she loves using it specially using the sponge to gently press on the skin.

There we go! I hope you like the quick review and find this helpful! 😊

Any thoughts? Have you tried this? Share them on the comments! ❀ Thank you so much for reading!


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