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A’pieu Color Tint Stain Matte Fluid

Hi there! Today I have another A’pieu Color Tint Stain review for you. I love A’pieu products ❀ They have 12 different colors! But I can’t afford to buy everything lol sorry. What I have for you today is the color Miss Out. These lippies has been popular around. Also, very sad to say I don’t have the Lamuqe edition 😭😭😭

Product Claims:

Creates gorgeous and vivid lips without lump.


Frosted opaque rectangular bottle with black screw on top.


Smells strongly of Ylang-ylang flower. Like a very floral shampoo.


Like whipped cream, but denser.


Powdery matte.

My experiences


  • The packaging is just cool! Very stylish.
  • It dries down faster than the Velvet Tint.
  • Even with the transferring, the color does not fade or crack or bleed πŸ‘
  • Very lightweight πŸ‘
  • It has a powdery finish.
  • Definitely matte.
  • It almost covered the discoloration of my lips with one layer πŸ‘
  • After 30ish minutes the smell tones down to a very relaxing floral smell.
  • It does not feel drying on the lips πŸ‘
  • It has great pigmentation πŸ‘
  • It didn’t crack or bleed or smudge when fully dried πŸ‘
  • It feels a little sticky while drying. But after that it’s not sticky at all.
  • I didn’t have to use 2 coats because the first layer already had great color payoff πŸ‘
  • It fully dries down to a powdery matte finish.

Neutral ground:

  • The long-ish doe foot applicator is actually good. I just don’t like that it takes a lot of product out. I have small lips.
  • Can be buildable but you have to work really fast.
  • No transference πŸ‘ unless you drink coffee.


  • At first the smell punched my nostrils πŸ‘Š then after a couple of minutes it toned down to a floral smelling shampoo, but still a little too strong.
  • Everytime I open my mouth it’s like I accidentally tasted shampoo while shampooing.
  • It taste like how it smells 😐 I have to stop tasting these lip products.
  • Since I don’t like putting on a lot of product I do not like to use the applicator.
  • Applied on dry lips and it emphasized the lines.
  • On my discolored lips, it looks almost hot pink 😐 but on camera it looks like a soft reddish pink 😐
A'pieu Color Lip Stain Matte Fluid Dried Up Miss Out
Swatched once on natural lighting


  1. Don’t wear this on dry lips. Make sure it’s moisturized.
  2. For discolored lips use a lip concealer thinly, wait to dry for a couple of minutes, blot, then apply the Matte Fluid.
  3. If you plan on drinking coffee use a straw.
  4. For a gradient look apply in the inner parts of the lips and use your finger to tap and blend outwards.
  5. Work fast.
  6. If you plan on layering or building this up I suggest don’t. Or just put the next layer while it’s still not dry to avoid cracking and patchyness.

All in all I like this product because it’s fast and easy to use, although it takes a lot of product out and the smell woah! That’s it for today!

Have you tried this? Any thoughts and tips? Comment them down below! ❀


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