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Onsaemeein Galactomyces

Hi there! Today I want to share with you one of the products I purchased along with my first Althea haul. This product is included in my skin care routines you can check it here 🌞 and here 😴

I was browsing and I saw this product and thought I might try it since my TFS AIO ampoule is almost over I might as well get one of this. But then I forgot to find a toner because my all time love is finished *cries quietly*.

Anyway, let’s jump to this shall we?


Product claims:

A 100% Galactomyces fermented essence improves skin texture and wrinkles, brightens skin tone and maintain skin moisture oil balance.


It comes in a clear glass bottle with a glass dropper like my TFS.


A very very veryyyyyy faint hint of licorice. 😱


Just like water, but it’s a fraction more viscous than water you can’t even tell.

My experiences


  • At first use, it did not cause any irritations, redness.
  • I use this at night and it makes the other products sink in my skin.
  • I started using this in the morning too and it helps hydrate my skin.
  • I did notice a little whitening on my skin.
  • My skin looks fresh after I apply this.
  • It’s not sticky at all.
  • When I apply this it’s like I’m just spreading water on my skin.
  • It dries fast. Real fast.
  • It made my skin soft.
  • I like the immediate brightening that it gives.
  • Long term effect is that my skin is tighter in the sense of my cheeks aren’t feeling saggy due to heat and stress. πŸ‘
  • Speaking of long-term effect though, it has significantly brightened and evened out my skin tone. πŸ‘
  • It’s helping with my deep acne scars. πŸ‘
  • I can say that it did a nice job with oil control. πŸ‘
  • My skin feels really hydrated whenever I use this.

Neutral ground:

  • After using this for a while, I think my skin has tightened, but not in an uncomfortable way. πŸ‘
  • I noticed that my fine lines on the mouth area and eye area are less noticeable, but it didn’t smoothed it out.


  • It did not really help with my enlarged pores, but the product doesn’t say anything about pore tightening.
  • It’s a little drying on the skin when I don’t follow up with cream.

Angel’s experiences:

  • It did not cause any irritations.
  • It brightened her skin after use.
  • It is helping lighten her discolored acne marks. The redness did reduce.
  • It softened her skin.
  • It did not help with her enlarged pores either sadly πŸ™
  • Her skin drinks this up fast right after spreading it.
  • Her skin has less oil production in the morning.
  • She said that it made her skin feel hydrated and fresh.

I used this on my mom too, and she likes it a lot. Once. Because I ran out products I brought with me during the vacation.

Mom’s experience:

  • Although I used this on her one time, she loves how soft her skin was in the morning.
  • The immediate brightening and tone up effect is consistent πŸ‘
  • Her skin condition was better in the morning, more hydrated and plump.
  • Her skin, morning after of course, produced less oil.
  • Her skin looks brighter and lively after using this.


  • The company suggest to use this little by little until the skin is used to it as it is 100% galactomyces.
  • After toner, we apply a drop on each part of our faces: forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck, and spread it out and tap on our skin. We don’t rub it on our skin.
  • We use this during the night routine, but I sometimes use it in the morning when my skin feels a little too dry.
  • Spread and pat it on lightly on the skin.


  1. Work on one part of the face first because this dries quick.
  2. Do not use too much as you will be wasting product and might irritate your skin.
  3. Spread on the skin and gently tap it on.
  4. Remember to use sunblock in the morning.
  5. Use a hydrating cream right after, preferably when the product has not yet fully dried.

I will keep on using this because my skin loves it, but I need something oily like a face oil. But I’m definitely gonna keep using this.

Thanks so much for stopping by! ❀ If you have any questions or comments or tips with how you incorporate this on your routine, share it down the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Onsaemeein Galactomyces

    1. Hi! I haven’t tried Cosrx Galactomyces, but my sister did and according to her her skin lightened when she kept on using it. Although she stopped due to her skin acting up. Onsaemeein Galactomyces does the same thing too, it lightens the skin tone and inhibits the melanin. For it to have long term effect with skin lightening and hydration though you need to keep using it.

      I should say that it doesn’t whiten the skin like how bleaching does it only tones up the skin like natural lighter skin so it’s less harmful to the skin and it also helps repair the skin.

      Both doesn’t bleach the skin and both does great with lightening the skin naturally. For me, as I have only recently started takig care of my skin (year and a half) it took around a week for the long term tone-up effect to show. To me though when it comes to hydration and skin repairing I would choose Onsaemeein Galactomyces.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! ❀❀❀


  1. I already purchased one in althea but i am hesistant to use it because i have sensitive oily acne prone skin. My face gets easily irritated then becomes pimple. What is your skin type?


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