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A’pieu Color Lip Stain Velvet Tint

Hello there! 🐈 How have your week been? It’s November! What did you do for Halloween?

Today will be about this lip product, it’s pretty popular around. It’s by A’pieu called Velvet Tint. I seriously love A’pieu products.

They have around 12 beautiful colors: oranges, reds, and pinks. Since this is packaged in black, the background color today will be different.

Product Claims:

Smooth texture that melts like a velvet.


It comes in a very cool packaging because it’s black and on the top it has a golden outline of the sides and says Color Tint. I love how it looks like. Even the inside is black. Such awesome packaging.


Smells like those soft chewy candies that has sugar all over it. Smells really yummy, it reminds me of Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar.


Watery. Very lightweight.


Matte, powdery finish.

My experiences


  • I love the smell. For me it wasn’t overpowering or anything disturbing or annoying. πŸ‘
  • It goes on watery and shiny, but about a minute it dries down to a powdery finish. πŸ‘
  • It’s definitely matte.
  • Very lightweight. πŸ‘
  • “Color Lip Stain” is true I should say.
  • It doesn’t make my lips feel dry or dehydrated. πŸ‘
  • It definitely leaves a stain which I think is good for a subtle color even after coffee.
  • It’s not sticky during application or when it’s dried down. πŸ‘
  • It made my lips feel soft. πŸ‘
  • It doesn’t smudge after coffee, at least I have that going. πŸ‘
  • On moisturized lips it made my lips look fuller and plumper than how it normally looks like. πŸ‘

Neutral ground:

  • It tastes and smells like A’pieu Cushion Tok Tint. πŸ˜‚
  • When it’s completely set it doesn’t transfer as long as I don’t have coffee or anything oily.
  • It is not so buildable. 2 coats. But then I like that one swipe is all I need.
  • But hey pigmentation is good, unless you have discolored lips like me 😐 it alters the color.
  • Applied it on dry lips, but it didn’t make it feel worse, actually it made it feel not dry but not really moisturized πŸ€”


  • It didn’t cover the discolored parts of my lips well.
  • It settles into fine lines when you apply it on dry lips.
Swatched lightly and blended with finger.
After wiping.


  • For a nice gradient tint, apply on the insides of the lips and use your fingers to spread outwards. Then apply another layer on the inner parts.
  • For full lips, coat once then gently press your lips together so it won’t go outside of the lip line then add another coat.
  • Let it dry.
Swatched once.
Swatched. Partially Dried, taken with natural light.


  1. Wait for it to dry for a minute and then blot. This makes sure that it doesn’t transfer. Make sure you wait for it to fully dry.
  2. To remove use makeup wipes or a cotton soaked with micellar water.
  3. If you plan to use oil or oil based lip balm, spread it all over the lips and wait a little bit then gently wipe away.

I think they mixed the Tint Marker and the Cushion Tok Tint because when I use them together the outcome feels and looks and tastes like it. But it’s in a pure black container with a soft doe foot applicator.

I like it personally. I really love the carrot color! It’s a definite keeper. ❀ My boyfriend said it’s not too strong nor too subtle a color.

If you’re looking for a lip color and you’re fairly new to lip stuff or you just want that natural pigment look I highly suggest you try this out!

Thoughts ladies? Comments or tips? Let us know in the comments! ❀ Thanks so much for stopping by 😊


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