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Updated Morning Skin Care Routine

Hi there! 🐈

Today I wanna share with you my morning skin care routine. There will be a lazy one, a before makeup one, and a I’m not going out so let’s spend more time on this one. πŸ˜‚

Let’s get to it!

The Before Makeup Routine:

1. Face wash

I use my The Saem facial wash. I like how this removes impurities, oils, sweat on the skin. I don’t use a cleansing gel or cream because I don’t have an air conditioner and I live in a tropical country so I sweat at night and my skin oils up throughout the sleep. I’ll make a review on this soon.

2. Treatment toner

While my face is still damp, I apply my Cosrx A-sol on my problem areas. It helps my skin clear of pimples. Review here

3. Hydrating toner

I spritz my all time favorite A’pieu Hyaluronic Skin all over the face and pat it until it’s almost dry. I can’t skip this part because my skin tightens and feels dry if I don’t use this. But it’s almost over πŸ™ I need to get a new one or something that will do it’s job like this *cries quietly*

4. Moisturizer

And then I take my moisturizer, this time it’s the Neogen Code 9, dot it all over my face and massage it in. Pat it down and I’m done!

5. Oh and if I go out, I slather my sunblock! Read it here!



The Lazy Routine:

1. Face wash

For a clean face.


2. Treatment toner

For controlling and preventing pimples.

3. Hydrating toner

To prevent dryness. Very important!


3.5 Sometimes moisturizer

Sometimes I slather some moisturizer when I don’t feel too lazy. But usually I don’t do this.

Honestly, I use this routine more often πŸ˜‚



The Spending More Time On This Routine:

1. Face wash

Can’t start skin care without a clean face!

2. Treatment toner

For pimple reasons. There was a week that I stopped using this and my skin missed it so bad it started forming some again specially on the parts my kitten like to sleep on lol!

3. Hydrating toner

Oh you know why!


4. Face Mask

For maximum hydration specially when my skin is hating me so much. Serum To give some love and massage on my skin.


5. Serum

This one depends on the weather or what my skin needs at the moment. I’ve been loving this one! I’ll make a review on this soon 🐈


6. Eye cream

Because I’m not lazy and because it helps with fine lines. Check it out here!

7. Moisturizer

To seal everything in, keep deep layers of skin hydrated and help prevent too much sebum production.



  1. Always do a patch test.
  2. You can use what you usually use for the steps.
  3. Treatment toners are optional of course.
  4. The most important tip we have for you is use products that targets your skin concerns.
  5. Choose a product that works for your skin with ingredients that won’t irritate or aggravate your skin condition.

Remember, you’re/we’re doing this to help our skin!


For reference:

My skin is combination type, oily T-zone and the sides of the nose and eyelids, enlarged pores, acne-prone, cystic and cluster acne problems, sensitive, uneven skin tone.

What’s your morning routine? Any tips for us? What do you think? Share it! 🐈 


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