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Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Hi there! This is a quick read 😸

You know how one day you wake up and you suddenly have dark circles that were never there before, but now they’re there and they make you look pissed off, or tired? That’s how it started for me (though I’ve been told that my resting face is already intimidating). The thing is my right eye has a darker circle than the left so sometimes I look like I have a black eye lol! 😂

While browsing online I remember the tutorials that I watched before and thought Might as well try. Took me about 3-4 days of comparing the shades online. I ended up with medium just to be safe.

It comes in a hard plastic, narrow cylinder. The top is the sponge/puff applicator and the red rim is what you twist to get the product up and out.

Smells like concealer. It reminds me of my L’oreal superblendable comcealer.

Creamy consistency.

My experiences:

🐙The applicator puff:

  • It didn’t cause any irritations on my skin, but it made my lash line itchy.
  • It’s so soft. It reminds me of those flowers I used to pick when I was a kid.
  • It took 70 clicks before the product got to the top (I counted).
  • It smells like concealer.
  • It didn’t scratch my skin.
  • It’s not exactly fluffy, it’s like fine ends of the hair.

🦀The product itself:

  • It did not cause any skin or lash line irritations.
  • Lightweight but creamy.
  • It doesn’t have a smell at all. Weird but the applicator puff does.
  • It brightened my panda eyes.
  • Oh it has a cooling effect. When I touch the places where the concealer are it feels so cool.
  • I used it sparingly and it did a good job with brightening and covering up the area on one eye but I think I’ll use the neutralizer first on the other eye. I have a panda eye. Just one eye. 😐
  • I went back and dabbed some more just a little and it almost covered the vein there. But it faded.
  • It did not settle into fine lines.
  • It did not become oily even though my face has become oily due to the weather.
  • I was sweating a lot but it did not budge and the cooling effect stayed.
  • It did not crease, even on my eyelids.
  • It did reduce the puffiness a tiny bit only, but that still made a difference.
  • It brightened up my face. So it has coverage and brightening effect for me. Seriously I looked like I was wide awake from too much coffee haha!
  • I tried taking pictures with flash, it had a small white cast look.

I actually don’t have any complaints with this concealer. Exception are the sponge applicator, it made my lash line itchy and the fact that it had a small amount of white cast with flash photography. Mind you I used this by itself to test it out.

🐌With foundation:

  1. Cushion foundation – really nice brightening effect, I have mixed feelings about how it blends with my cushion foundation as it does not adhear as well. I still like it though.
  2. Beauskin Invisible Pores – there was a little fading that went on, but it covered what it needs to, blended easily, and the brightening effect is good (not as showy as with cushion foundation).

ATTENTION! THERE ARE FAKES OF THIS. Well all popular products have fake counterparts.

Maybe I should get one so I can show you comparisons of how it looks like physically and the smell, etc.?

If you have tried this, and you have tricks and tips or you have any thoughts about it, share it!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Next week is about how I prep my skin before makeup application!


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