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Beauskin Misaekyeon Invisible Pores Facial Foundation

Hi all! πŸ‘‹

Today my post will be all about this amazing foundation. It is a bit long 😌 because I tested it in different ways for 3 months.

I was browsing an online mall last March and I saw this product, and it looked cool and fancy, it had great reviews and I thought “Hey. Why not try this one? Might help with your enlarged pores. Might help your sister too.” (I actually talk to myself like that πŸ˜“) so I went ahead and bought it along with a night cream but of different brand.

Beauskin produce functional cosmetics at affordable prices. I haven’t tried their gold infused skin care line, but from what I read they’re pretty darn good.

Beauskin Invisible Pores Facial Foundation

Product claims:

It applies on the skin like a silk so it naturally covers the fine lines and pores and the make-up lasts for a long time.

Smells faintly of olive oil.

Liquid. Very lightweight.

Ingredients include:
Avocado oil and Olive oil.

I used this in five (5) different ways to test how good it is, its ability to blur pores, and it’s longevity. And for this I shall put my pictures for your entertainment! (Please be gentle with me I know my skin is not in good condition.)

P.S. I don’t use any eyebrow stuff, I know a lot of you likes your eyebrows all neat and done, but I’m just lazy so yeah..

My experiences:

Used on bare skin, finished with SF Silky Finish Powder:

  • No irritations.
  • It did not clog my pores.
  • Pore blurring is, of course, awesome.
  • My skin looked even. My boyfriend thought I did some magic with my skin then took a wild guess if I was wearing foundation lol!
  • The finish is dewy.
  • It still felt a little oily. I think this is because of the olive oil and avocado oil.
  • It did transfer sadly.
  • It did not fade or disappear.
  • The redness on my cheeks were covered, but still shown through.
  • My nose was shiny after 2 and a half hours.
  • No white cast, except for the parts that I didn’t blend well.
  • It almost covered my dark circles.
  • It didn’t do much with my deep acne scars.
Using Beauskin Invisible Pores in shade 33 with Skinfood Silky Finish Powder and A’pieu Liptint

On skin after AIO skin care, finished with Sf Silky Finish Powder:

  • It felt a little tacky.
  • No irritations at all.
  • It did not clog my pores.
  • Adherance to the skin was okay.
  • My nose was shiny after 3 hours, but after blotting it looked like I had fresh makeup on.
  • Enlarged pores around my nose were blurred. It did a great job.
  • It was dark at first, but it melts in my skin after blending, evening out my tone. That was so awesome πŸ‘
  • Finish is powdery. But I don’t know it was a little tacky. Like oily. Probably because of the Olive oil.
  • It transfers specially when sweating too much.
  • My nose is the only exception to the oilyness.

After Fascy Tina Sunblock, finished with SF Silky Finish Powder:

  • No irritations or clogged pores.
  • I blotted my face with a tissue paper because it felt tacky. There was transferance. And then I used my SF finish powder.
  • After 4 hours my nose was oily.
  • Pore blurring is awesome!
  • Skin evening is amazing I can’t believe it.
  • Sweating too much, it transferred when blotting my face with a tissue square, but it didn’t rub off or disappeared.

Using the Beauskin Makeup Base before, and SF Powder to finish:

  • No irritations, redness, or clogged pores.
  • My nose oiled up after 2 and a half hours, but a little blotting with a tissue helps a lot.
  • It did not fade nor rubbed off.
  • The makeup base made it easy to have a sheer coverage as it evens out (our) skin tone. We used this base under cushion foundations during the wedding.
  • Blurred out all my pores even better!
  • Dewy, healthy glow finish OMG! 😱
  • There is no tacky feel or even a tad bit oily feel.
  • With the base on, it made it look like my skin is almost almost flawless. I bet it’ll look flawless if I built it up to medium-full coverage, but I never have the guts or conciousness to do so. I always end up doing a sheer one.
  • It helped blur my fine lines, smile lines.
  • The redness on my cheeks are almost covered.
  • Dark circles are also covered, but if you want the really flawless no eyebag look I’d suggest using a concealer.
  • My skin feels firm, but hydrated. 😡
  • I just love how the base evens out my skin and gives it that glow.
  • I used sheer coverage, 2 pumps for the entire face and neck.
  • I find that it’s a little oily when applied. I used my cushion puff for application and blending.
  • It’s transition weather from summer to rainy season, maybe that’s why my skin is acting up with oil. Or probably it’s the olive and avocado oils in the product.
  • After 6 hours my skin still looked amazing.
Before and After. Using Beauskin Invisible Pores Foundation

NOTE: All pictures are taken in natural lighting. However in this picture, the right side, is taken while I was already outside.

Using Catrice Nude Glow Primer before, and SF Peach Sake Powder after:

  • The enlarged pores around my nose are are well covered, I would say better than the makeup base.
  • It did not react badly with the foundation.
  • The primer, sadly, clogged some of my enlarged pores πŸ™
  • My skin looked so smooth and flawless 😱
  • Before powdering, it looked so dewy.
  • It gave the impression of a subtle natural glow after the powder.
  • The oils in the foundation came out after 3 hours so I blotted my face, and I looked like I had fresh makeup on again.
  • It covered my redness very well πŸ‘
  • This primer made my skin tone a shade lighter. I have mixed feelings about this.
  • I used this without the powder and the “oiliness” of my face turned out to be the Avocado oil from the foundation, not my natural oils.
  • It had minimal transferring πŸ‘ I did enjoy the smell though 😁
  • The primer didn’t help my concealer though, I don’t know why but it creased on my eyelids. But! It made the concealer really stick to the foundation.


Pump once and dot it all over the face and quickly but gently spread it along the texture of the skin, and blend it well. Small downward strokes for the ladies with peach fuzz. Then another pump for the entire neck and chest.



  1. Shake the product before using. Just to make sure the pigment is well distributed.
  2. Don’t use too much in the first application. Layer it in thin, well blended applications to build up coverage.
  3. Let it set for a minute before powdering.
  4. Blot after application before dusting with powder.
  5. If using a cushion puff or sponge, spread it on skin before tapping and blending. It makes the larger pores disappear.
  6. If you use your fingers for application instead, do so by working on small parts one at a time so you won’t look uneven.
  7. Use gentle downward strokes specially if, you’re like me, you have peach fuzz.

If you are opting for that no-makeup makeup look with awesome looking, poreless, even skin, I recommend this product. For some reason the avocado oil leaves a thin film of oil on my skin, this doesn’t exactly bother me, but some of you might not like it if it happens to you too.

For reference:

My skin is combination type, oily T-zone and the sides of the nose and eyelids, enlarged pores, acne-prone, cystic and cluster acne problems. Uneven skin tone.

If you have any thoughts, special tricks on how you apply this particular brand, questions or anything else, let everyone know in the comments!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Next week will be about Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. I know, I know I’m decades too late lol but hey I’m new to this makeup stuff.


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