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Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

What a mouthful haha!

Skinfood is a company from Korea that has been around for a decade manufacturing skin food and cosmetics. They have different lines of products and one of them are the Peach Sake line which is all about pore minimizing and sebum control.

You get 15 grams of clear powder in a plastic cylinder covered with a cardboard cover with a small hole on top so when you open it it won’t suck the powder up and create a mess and it comes with a very sturdy and oh so soft puff with it. The tub is big compared to the amount of product in it that fills only 2/3. That said, it isn’t travel friendly so I put mine in a small container and blocked the other holes in it so it won’t be messy and I can save more product ^_^

Product claims:

  • Gives silky finish
  • Controls sebum
  • Blurs out pores

Use either the puff that comes with it or use a powder brush to have better control on picking up the product.

Can be used:
By itself for a more natural healthy glow or as a sebum control and set your makeup with and still get that natural healthy glow anyway. Use on the whole face or only on the oily parts of your skin.

Extremly finely milled. It’s like it’s not there. It does feel silky on the skin.

This has a mild refreshing peach smell! ❀

It gives this natural glowy dewy look on the skin, like a well blended out hint of highlighter πŸ‘

I haven’t tried using this by itself, but I do use this as sebum control after my bb cream. It helped cool down my skin and even though I was sweating so much from commuting, it helped my bb cream stay in place.

Note: it doesn’t show white cast with flash photography if used sparingly.

Sebum control:
It took 4 hours before I noticed small amounts of oil on my nose and around 10 hours before I had to blot with tissue paper, but by that time I’m already home and I was amazed when I blotted my face it looked like I had fresh makeup on! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Don’t mistake the subtle healthy glow it gives you as oil BTW lol it happened to me a lot of times!πŸ˜‚

I tried using this right after the bb cream, few minutes letting the bb cream settle, and when i was starting to feel sweat because it was too hot that day.

  1. Right after – the oil control had a 10 hour power!
  2. Few minutes after bb cream – 6 hours before the oilyness came and needed to blot.
  3. Pre-sweat – 3 hours and I was oiling up 😐

My sisters like how it feels on their skin and it didn’t irritate their skin even though one of my sisters has a really bad case of acne and she said it helped cool her skin. However, it didn’t really help with blurring out my enlarged pores so much, but I am very happy with this product! I always use this now πŸ˜†

It’s expensive though, but since I have been using this for over six months now and I’m pretty sure I only used a small amount of grams off of it, it is worth it.

Have you tried this? Any thoughts or some tricks and tips about the application? Let me know! ^_^

*Next week will be a long post because I’ve tested it for a few months with different products*


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