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Beauskin Misaekyeon Lovely Shimmer Facial Make-up in Berry Pink

Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ It’s me again.

I came across this product last summer and thought it might be nice to, you know, help even out my skin and even out our (my sisters and I) skin tone. I read that it’s a makeup base, with vitamins A, C and E with lots of other skin goodies and that it also helps with redness.

So there are 2 colors: Alice Green and Berry Pink.

It was a little hard getting some info about this product, but I found the website and it says that Alice Green is for Lighter skin, whereas Berry Pink is for a little darker, yellow skin tone. When I asked the seller she was like “Green is for darker skin tone” 😐 well I took the website’s advice.

Product claims:

Products available to help women better. And ready for you to stand out and everyone must be jealous.

Best combination of vitamins and minerals found in nature. Makeup base with vitamins and minerals found in nature.

The shine on the face. And also absorb into the skin quickly, making your skin and luster of pearl makeup.

It also mixed particles of minerals and vitamins. That makes the skin look radiant and good flexibility.

Best combination of vitamins and minerals found in nature.
Lets face glow and sparkle. Lets face look shiny and bounce typical Korean.

Before applying make-up it will allow a smooth shine sparkling light. And diffuse light to look luscious colors. It also contains extracts of vitamins in plant species. Both pretty and well nourished in one.

It comes in a fancy looking frosted glass, pump bottle.

There was a faint berry, chemical-ish smell. Kinda sour. But dissipates after.

Between creamy and fluid. There’s a bit of shimmer in it.

Quick background:

I have 3 sisters. Our skin ranges from:

  1. Cystic and cluster acne problems
  2. Combination skin
  3. Oily and sensitive skin
  4. Dry and flaky skin

So that being said, I want my sisters’ skin to look great specially at big events. One of them has really bad case of acne and scarring and rosacea all over her face. I want her to look confident and feel good about her skin that’s why almost all the products we use are based on my skin and her skin. Also I’m helping her with her acne problems.

Taken in natural light.

Tadaaaaa! This is my face. My skin is not so good. And as you can see my face is darker than my neck and chest. This photo is taken more recently than the next photos.

Our experiences:

  • No irritations and it did not clog our pores.
  • There were fine shimmer particles (the pearl powder).
  • We didn‘t need a green corrector when we used this makeup base as it brightened and seriously evened out our skin. πŸ‘
  • The redness on our cheeks from veins and acne vanished. 😲 Well, not quite, but hey it made it look like we were wearing a blush.
  • No white cast when using flash photography. πŸ‘
  • My face did not oil up. At all.
  • My sisters and I used this for our cousin’s wedding, given that it was cold there, we didn‘t experience dryness, oiliness, flaking. πŸ‘
  • A great makeup base! I was touching my face too much, but my foundation did not transfer at all.
  • We used cushion foundations over it. Laneige and The Face Shop cushion foundations, depends on the tan of the skin.
  • No patchyness. At all.
  • When we were applying this, the house was hot and humid. We made sure to apply this while our skin was still fresh, not yet sweating.
  • After sweating, there was transferance when blotting with a tissue paper, but no oiliness.
  • Angel has a bad case of acne and her skin was red and scarred and oily. After using this it looked like she had minimal skin problems. πŸ‘ I also applied this on her back as she is suffering acne there too. Although she kept touching her cheek and some of the makeup came off.
  • There’s this soft focus going on when taking pictures.
  • It blurred the fine lines and enlarged pores.
  • Alex has dry skin. When she used this she didn‘t complain of dryness or any tight feeling on her skin.
  • Hannah loved it so much because she felt that her skin is now bright and even. Whiter and glowing.
  • I spread this product on their back, chest area, and shoulders. It didn’t transfer and it made it look like they have nice glowing skin.
  • Our foundation didn’t budge. No disappearing, fading, clumping, or sliding, an exception of transferring for Angel.
  • All three of them said that their skin feels fresh and hydrated and that as if they were not wearing anything on their faces.
Angel and I. She applied some brow powder to my brows.
Sorry for the bad photo quality. πŸ™


  1. Take one pump on your fingers and dot some on one side of the face and work on that first. Spread and then blend.
  2. Next do the other side of your face.
  3. Then give a gentle massage.
  4. Small, gentle, downward strokes specially for the ladies with peach fuzz.
  5. Then pat lightly.

Why even bother that little massage and light patting? Well this is also a skin care product. Might as well right?


  1. One full pump is enough for the entire face, another pump for the neck and chest area.
  2. Do not put on too much. It will transfer and make your skin oily and tacky.
  3. Blend, blend, blend and blend some more! For maximum coverage and to make sure the product dries faster and so you won’t look patchy.
  4. When using this product, I recommend applying on one side of the face and working on it fast before moving to the other side. This dries up quickly and will make your skin look patchy if you don’t work quick!
  5. Use thy fingers! Applying this with a brush is also nice, but I find that when I use my fingers, the warmth helps blend the product nice and even. Also saves me a butt load of water from washing my brush. And I use less product. The brush eats the product.
  6. Don’t worry much about the shimmer. It’s not glitter.
  8. To remove, use an oil cleanser and then a facial wash that helps remove oil and makeup for better cleaning.

For references:

My skin is combination type, oily T-zone and the sides of the nose and eyelids, enlarged pores, acne-prone, cystic and cluster acne problems. Uneven skin tone. I also sweat a lot.

Sister number 1: Hannah

Combination skin type, oily T-zone, cheek area and eyelids, dry and flaky areas around the chin. Some hormonal pimples.

Sister number 2: Angel

Oily skin type, acne-prone (cystic and clusters), and very sensitive, has bad acne problems, enlarged pores.

Sister number 3: Alex

Dry skin type, flaky areas around the chin, cheeks, and nose. Uneven skin tone on the chin and cheek areas. She also sweats a lot.

Any thoughts? Any tricks and tips? Positive or negative, share it away!
And thank you so much for reading. I hope it helped you. 😊


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