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Quick Rev: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar

Hi! I wanted to share about this very popular lip bar by Laneige. One of my friends gave it to me yay! I can’t afford this it’s too expensive for me. Thank you ate for giving me one 😊😊😊

Ombre has been in trend for a while now, so you can see how much people likes this one since it’s so easy to pull that gradient or two toned lip with one product althroughout the day. Laneige is a Korean product by Amore Pacific, a comoany that makes great skin care and cosmetic products.

Smells like those green circular chewy candies dusted with sugar. Yummy 😡

Light creamy. Like butter creamy. It glides on smoothly even with chapped lips.

It transfers and fades, but it leaves a little color on the lips.

My experiences with this product:

  • Easier to use when going for an ombre lip.
  • Color payoff is amazing like my CP lippie stix πŸ‘ One swipe and you have a great color. But if you want a more intense look go for more.
  • Although, it sits on the lips. I could feel it.
  • It does not bleed on fine lines around the lips even when I had oily food πŸ‘
  • The texture, when swiped around 3 times, reminds me of L.A. Girl Matte Lipsticks. It feels a little gummy.
  • It has very small shimmer in it, but it does not make it look like I’m wearing a shiny shimmery lipstick. It makes the lips fuller than it is.
  • The pink color does not really help cover the discolored parts of my lips, but! When I apply it sideways mixing the color together it covers all the discoloration and it gives this really nice soft orange πŸ‘
  • It’s a little more fragile than my other lipsticks.
  • I tried it on bare lips and with my Innisfree Lip Tapping Concealer, it has the same outcome. So it doesn’t matter if you conceal your lips first or not.
  • Surprisingly it hydrated my lips really well.
  • I found that when I rub my lips together a few times until it doesn’t feel like its sitting on my lips and then blot it, pressing lightly on it, it becomes more of a tint than a lipstick and it does not transfer at all aaand it stays long πŸ‘


  1. This lipstick breaks fast so becareful not to expose like half of it before application.
  2. Remember to remove the cap first before playing with the lever on the side, it exposes the lipstick.
  3. Try not to leave it in a hot place. It melts.
  4. When blotting, press your lips together on a tissue square and then dab a clean part on your lips to make sure none is left to transfer, but don’t worry the color will now be a tint instead of a lipstick 😊


Like any other lipstick, swipe! But not too hard or you’ll end up with a mess. Press your lips together and smack. If you want a more natural looking out come, blot with a tissue square.

The color matches are awesome and it’s easy to go for that two tone lip even when I’m on the go, but the price is just too high for me πŸ™ I would buy them but…😭 I can’t splurge more than a thousand for one lipstick.

Have you tried this? Any thoughts about it? Application tips? Share it!

P.S. Check it out next week. I’ll be showing you guys our faces lol!


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