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R.I.P. Chester

A lot of people grew up to Linkin’ Park songs, and a lot of fathers and their children listened to their albums (I bet) like dad and I used to do and still do actually. But today we mourn for his death. Yeah it’s kind of selfish of him, but I guess we all have our reasons that’s why we shouldn’t judge anyone right? I don’t do these kinds of posts, but earlier today when I was browsing I saw a news of Chester Bennington commiting suicide and I just felt like crap and depressed and all that. Well yeah I’m a fan of LP, any fans out there would understand. I was really looking forward to going to their concert here next year my friends and I already made plans for it. Then this.
I guess it hit me hard. It’s not just this particular person commiting suicide it’s the fact that a lot of people out there needs help because of depression and other things that could contribute to wanting to just end it all because it’s just too much. I almost did too myself few years back. It’s hard because sometimes people just keeps judging you even unconciously instead of just listening and trying to understand that you need their help. 
I don’t know. I’m just sad about this. I can’t believe he’s dead I mean my brain was rejecting it. 
Our condolences to his family and friends and to the whole band of LP. Rest in peace you awesome dude. 😞


4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Chester

  1. He was such a legend, he saved lives of millions by his songs.. but it was very unfortunate that no one was able to save him. His songs played a major role in my development as a teeneger, his songs lifted me during my low time. Thank you for writing this post.

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    1. That he is, a legend. Same goes for me, he has been a part of a lot of us and we carry his songs till we grow old. It’s sad that he didn’t get the help he needed… You’re welcome and thank you for reading.

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