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A’pieu Cushion Tok Tint

Hey there! I’m reblogging this post from my old account, but my feelings for it is still the same 😆

Cushion products are very in right now that even lipsticks has it. A product from A’pieu, a korean based sister company of Missha, introduced a unique way of putting on your lip makeup in the form of cushion tapping application called A’pieu Cushion Tok Tint.

Basically this product is more of a powdery lipstick type not a lip tint. It comes in a small cushion applicator that retracts from the handle and a screw on cap. So where’s the product? It’s in the cap. So don’t lose or break it!

It has a small amount of product, I must say I was a little disappointed, but I had an idea that maybe after all the product is gone I can use the cushion applicator to apply my lipstick ^_^ or maybe for a fun way of eyeshadow application! And since it’s a lipstick it transfers although it leaves a little stain on the lips.

Note: I tried this product and had some coffee. Transferred but left some sheer color on my lips. 

It taste a little like red iced tea but has a bitter aftertaste. Nothing annoying.

The product itself smells faintly of red iced tea, and the cushion applicator smells like the cushion puff applicator found in cushion compacts.


Taptaptap on the lips, for a gradient effect first tap on the inner part of the lips and use the side with less product to blend out.

It actually looks more vibrant in real life.

You can intensify the color if you wish to, just tap in more product, or put one layer for a light and fresh looking effect.

I’m having fun with this product ^_^ if only they formulate it to be a more tint type because of the small amount of product it would have been better. But hey, it’s fun, it’s fresh, it’s unique!


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