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Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion

Recently I have been looking for a pick me up on cosmetics that has skin benefits, there are a lot out there and looking for one that suits your needs and that fits your skin tone without looking odd or deathly is a little hard unless you opt for just makeup and has a high price tag then it will not be hard to get one, but being a student splurging money is hard to come by -_-”

The hype of cushion cosmetics has become so popular around the world that some fortunate souls out there can grab one and try it and let it go if they don’t like it just like that or for whatever reason. But for those not so fortunate we grab one and pray that it works and if not well…sigh.. lol

Anyway, my TFS cushion in the shade V205 is a little darker for my skin right now and i kept it in a tight ziplock (hoping it will still be usable) for the summer and I came across a sale and tried out this cushion which is very popular called Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion, a company from Amore Pacific, that produces skin care and cosmetics.

The cushion comes in a variety of shades split in neutral and cool toned and comes in a cushion compact case with a holographic front cover.

Credits to Laneige

It has a textured cushion which helps to evenly distribute the product on the skin.

This product claims to:

  • Help the appearance of pores
  • Airbrushed, natural effect
  • Keeps skin moisturized
  • Have a brightening effect
  • Cover blemishes
  • Help with excess sebum

I have been using this product for almost one and a half months now. And the following are my observations:

At first, the product smells of those cologne that we used when we were pre-teens (at least my friends does) with the citrusy refreshing smell that isn’t strong, but after a several minutes the scent disappears and all you can smell is mineral water all day while using this product. I find it refreshing.

Texture and consistency:

It does not have a sticky or tacky feel on the skin after it settles, and i find this lightweight. Feels like you’re not wearing anything.


I can say that this can be built up to medium to full coverage depending on what you’re going for. But I use this sheer just because I feel like my skin can breathe a little more.

Pore control:

Since I have a sucky camera I couldn’t take a good picture of what it did to blur out my enlarged pores, but it did the job! ^_^
The pores on my nose and on the cheek area has been covered but the redness of the pimples I have didn’t. Keep in mind that this is sheer coverage.

And yes my ears are lighter, that’s cause they’re always hidden.

Sebum control:
I commute to the university everyday so I’m exposed to dust, heat and I sweat a lot. And with heat and sweat comes oil! 4 hours before I noticed a little oil on my nose and 8 hours before I wanna just take everything off and start from scratch because my nose is oiling up and my face feels a little sticky.

I found that when I applied this product without a primer, it lasted longer. I have no idea why cause primers usually also help with adherence to the skin. It did stay on my skin the whole day even when I kept blotting my face cause I’m sweating too much. And not to mention it still smelled like mineral water after I got home! ^_^

Other benefits:

  • As almost all cushion foundations, it contains SPF50+, PA+++ which helped my skin while walking under the sun because I like walking.
  • It has cotton seed extracts that helps with brightening the skin tone.
  • It did not darken on my skin so that great!
  • It did not cause irritation or break outs.
  • I have to.mention that it is slightly waterproof like The Face Shop cushion.


  • It’s expensive. Ugh.
  • It’s hard to find the shade I use because I have a medium skin tone and I live in a medium skin-toned people country.
  • After a several usage I noticed that the product is already hard to get, maybe getting squished towards the bottom of the container.
  • It’s expensive.



Press the puff applicator on the sponge GENTLY or you’ll end up with too much product that will go to waste.

Gently pat the product on the skin working your way around your face NOT RANDOMLY PATTING IT ALL OVER or you will end up uneven and patchy.

I find that when I spread the product on the skin first and then patting and blending it, I use less product and end with an even texture.

Let it settle for a minute before you use a setting powder or finishing powder. So many powders -_-” BUT! since I have oily zones, I do use Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder which I will write about later.

Personally I don’t use setting powders since I find that this product doesn’t really need it but…I only apply it sheer so hehe ^_^

If you guys have some tricks and tips for applying and setting the product, share it with me!

For reference: I have enlarged pores, very oily nose, combination and sensitive skin with acne scars.



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