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Innisfree Lip Tapping Concealer

Hey there! Ever had problems with getting the true lipstick color of your favorite lipstick? Well jump right in! I’ve had this problem ever since I started using lipstick, my lips are discolored, there are darker parts and lighter part and we all know the darkened part always gives our lip crayons a weird pigment.

There are many hacks that we see on youtube, and DIY tutorials that help with this problem. For example the concealer that we use on our face trick, or the foundation trick, or the pressed powder trick, and so on. They do look good in pictures, freshly applied, but it’s hard to maintain it since our lips gets wet through out the day and then the concealer or foundation on our lips are getting eaten too and our lip colors crack and flake and smudge. Looks gross. I mean it works for other girls, personally I don’t like it for the main reason that I don’t want to keep checking on my lips throughout the day.

So today I wanna share about this lip concealer that I have been using called Lip Tapping Concealer by Innisfree, a Korean company that produces mainly skin care products, and cosmetics.

I used to use Golden Rose Concealer on my lips to hide the discoloration, but I find it drying and it flakes off. Bad idea.

Anyway, when I was browsing I saw this product and thought maybe it would help with my lipstick color problems.

Product claims:

Special lip concealer that tones down the natural lip color. It smoothes, softens and gives vivid color of the lipstick. Not meant to be used on any other part of the body.


Contains Camellia oil and Shea butter.


It comes in a small plastic container. I thought I’d be receiving the one with a glass bottom, but well..this one came.


It has two colors from what I’ve seen. I think this one is the darker shade.

Kinda like a tinted lip balm.


It has this faint sweet condensed milk scent I love it!

My experiences with this:

  • It’s a little hydrating as it contains shea butter.
  • Easy to use, just taptaptap it away!
  • Very travel friendly, it’s small and fits in my palm and the container is durable.
  • It helped conceal the discoloration.
  • It helped with making the true lipstick color come out.
  • I find that when I use too much of the product to really cancel out the color of my lips, I have to blot and let it dry for a couple of minutes before applying lipstick.

I use my ring finger to take some product and tap it on my lips blending it out specially on the outline.

Overall this helps with my frustration of getting the true lipstick color pop out, personally I don’t like the concealer-blot-powder-lipstick combo. And the great part is that it helps hydrate my lips.
Have you tried this? Any thoughts? Tips and tricks on application? Share it!


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