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Fascy Tina S. Sunglass Daily Sunblock

Hi everyone! Ready for the summer heat?

Me? Nah, I live in the Philippines and everyday here is summer lol! But when summer season actually arrives, man the heat is killing! Literally. Better stay hydrated!

Summer is coming and we need a good skin protection from the harmful sun rays. It’s gonna be hot hot hot and it’s good to keep a waterproof, sweatproof sunblock in hand. There are so many kinds out there, but my favorite one is the spray on ’cause it’s just easy to use, but more expensive.

I came across this product called Fascy Tina. S Sunglass Daily Sunblock SPF50PA+++ and I thought maybe I can try this. (I just realized, almost all the products I have been using have such long names.)

Product claims:

A powerful nourishing facial sunscreen
Features a lightweight, waterproof & refreshing formula
Provides anti-wrinkle, whitening & nourishing benefits
Shields skin against harmful UV rays with SPF50+ PA+++
Leaves skin soft, radiant, even-toned & healthy looking
Perfect for all skin types


It comes in a sturdy white plastic tube with a rose gold screw cap. So fancy. The box is also fancy, the inner parts has fascy written all over it.


Smells like sunblock, but when it dries it smells like Laneige BB Cushion, like water.


Light but creamy. When I spread it on my skin it has this feel like I’m using my Cloud9 Blanc de Whitening. Like whipped icing. It’s a cream type not lotion type.

My experiences with this:

  • Did not give me any irritations.
  • Lightweight.
  • Not sticky at all even after sweating.
  • It’s easy to spread and apply on the skin. It doesn’t clump up or leave an oily residue.
  • It gave me an instant brightening and evened out my skin tone. 👍
  • When my face started sweating it did not clump or pooled on the contours, pores or fine lines of my skin.
  • It did not oil up my skin.
  • It mattified my face even after sweating. 👍
  • It gave the impression that I’m using a BB cream.
  • I’ll go ahead and say great oil control! 👍
  • It cools down my skin 👍 this is a big plus for me because other sunblocks makes my skin feel hot.
  • Surprisingly it did a nice job blurring my pores.
  • Another surprise is that it kind of helped hiding my dark circles.
  • It dries up fast.
  • My face felt a little tight and a tad bit dry. Like I can see fine lines when I smile and I feel the pull.
  • Waterproof! Really.
  • After removing this my skin was brighter.
  • It did not clog my pores.
  • Even though it acts as a color corrector, my face looked pale so I think I can’t use this on its own I have to layer a BB cream to fix that.


I use this after my morning skin care. I take an ample amount, one application on my forehead, another for the left side of my face, and another for the right side, and then another for my neck. I spread it and give a little massage like what I do with my night cream and after that it’s already dry.

As suggested, apply sunblock 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapplication after 20 minutes. When prolonged sun exposure (a total of 2 hours) reapply again and repeat. This is to ensure that the skin is properly protected.


It’s hard to remove this one when I don’t sweat so I remove this using my HHN Oil Cleanser first and then I wash my face.

Note: Makeup remover wipes doesn’t remove this at all.

SPF50 means your skin is 50 times more protected before you start to fry hahaha! For example if your skin starts getting skin burnt after 5 minutes of sun exposure that means using an SPF50 gives it 50 times more minutes of protection before getting burnt. But that doesn’t mean you have to neglect the 2 hour accumulated time reapplication when your out and about. Better safe than sorry right?

I didn’t like the sunblock plastic smell at first, but like I said when it’s dried it smells like mineral water and I really enjoy that refreshing scent. The packaging also makes it easy for travelling.

For reference:

My skin is combination type, oily t-zone and the sides of the nose and eyelids, enlarged pores, acne-prone, cystic acne problems.
Have you tried using this product? Any thoughts about it? Tips and tricks of application? Share it!


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