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L’oreal Lipsticks in My Stash

Hi everyone! How have you all been? I want to share another Quick rev. It’s about the L’oreal lipsticks that I have in my stash. It’s a quick read don’t worry.

I kind of had this lipstick mania a while back because my lips are a little discolored and I wanted something I can use when I attend gatherings or I hangout with close friends. Although I end up removing them when I go home.

Star Collection in Naomi
This has a light pink color that I love even though I don’t like pink. It has small shimmer to it, but it’s gone after a couple of hours. It’s a little patchy when usig on dry lips and it clings to the fine lines, but if I use a lip balm first it glides on smoothely and lasts a little longer. Perfect for everyday use.

Texture: A little creamy and is hydrating.

Finish: Demi-matte.

Color Riche collection:
Crayon sunset
This has an orange color to it. I must admit when I saw the sales lady in the mall using this I didn’t want to use it because it made her look like she’s wearing something like dulled neon orange on her lips. I came back a few times and kept checking the color before I decided to get one and I love the color! I don’t have to use any lip conealers as it cancels out the darkness of my upper lip. Perfect for that nude look, everyday use, or you know just chilling.

Texture: A little creamy and hydrating.

Finish: Matte.

Peachy Brown

This I did not expect to have shimmer on it, when I was browsing the internet for shades and swatches and when I swatched it at the counter it didn’t have that shimmer @_@ confusing. I personally don’t like the shimmer part. It has a peach brown color to it and the pigmentation isn’t bad at all. This one lasts longer than the Crayon Sunset.

Texture: A little creamy and hydrating.

Finish: Demi-matte.
Maple Mocha

This is a little too dark on me, more of a brown color when I apply it. I have to use a lip concealer to make the real color pop or else I’ll look old and grouchy. The color is like mahogany I guess. Or like maple syrup kind of color. It took me 2 weeks and 4 malls to find this cause either they’re sold out or they don’t have it. This lasts longer than any of the three colors and has smoother application. Even though it makes me look more mature I really like this color.

Texture: A little creamy and a little hydrating.

Finish: Demi-matte.

Have you tried any of these? Any thoughts? Tips and tricks on application? Share it!


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