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What’s in my bag?

Hey there! I’m reblogging this post from my former blog 🙂 enjoy!

I’ll do a “What’s in my bag” post today. Are you one of the ladies or gentlemen who carry a big cosmetic/vanity bag where ever you go? Or you’re one of those who only carry items for touch ups? Or probably packing only the “essentials”, or maybe you don’t pack at all?

In my case I’m not too comfortable wearing full face makeup if there is no event or gathering that requires it. I firmly believe that I don’t have to put makeup and all the shebang when I go to my classes, but a different story when I hangout with friends or just with my bag (yes I hang out with my bag because I’m an Introvert 🙁). So I’ll say I’m one of those who carries minimal stuff. But lip balm is out of the list since it’s always in my pocket.

So.. what’s in this thing? It actually depends on the weather.

If it’s hot outside:

Human Heart Nature Face Wash – it makes my skin feel refreshed and cleanses it well. (Review soon)

Human Heart Nature Day Moisturizer – this stuff is absorbed by my skin so fast and smells great!

Or Apieu Essential Source Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Skin – it also dries fast and refreshing.

Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion – when I’m sweating too much and I just want to wash everything away and start fresh. This is one awesome product.

Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder (decanted) – has a nice natural glow that doubles as an oil control and setting powder. Perfect for a hot day.

Fascy Tina Sunglass Sunblock – Of course I can’t forget my favorite sunblock right now. More oil control power and mattifies my skin.

Innisfree Lip Tapping Concealer – Since I got this I’ve almost always use it. It helps blur out my discoloration.

Two lipstick shades usually pink and nude. I would go for my L’oreal or A’pieu.
That’s about it. I don’t bring the makeup remover wipes since my facial wash washes away everything.

If it’s cold:

Human Heart Nature Face Wash – I really like this face wash when I’m on the go.

Scinic AIO Ampoule (decanted)- really good with moisturizing.

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion – it helps maintain the moisture in my skin, great oil control, and lessen the irritation of my skin due to dust particles.

Fascy Tina Sunglass Sunblock – of course the sun protection that the skin needs.

Innisfree Lip Tapping Concealer – for when I brought a light shade of lipstick.

One or two shades of lipsticks either L’oreal (Review here) or Colourpop.

That’s about it 🙂

I didn’t list any eye or cheek makeup did I? I don’t use much eye makeup when I go to my classes, my eyelids have their own shade so I go with that and the rosacea on my cheeks doubles up as a natural blush hahaha!

What’s in your bag? Any thoughts? Share it!


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