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Iope Ultimate Hydro Cream

Hi there 😊 as you know, I will be uploading new content and re-uploading contents from my old blog called Afternoon Caffeine. 

I want to start with this product since it’s already summer here in the Philippines. 

Are you looking for a great hydrating cream that actually works? Read on!

Hydration is an important part of the body, and the skin specially when you like wearing makeup. There are times that it’s too hot or humid or too cold and your skin just needs an extra help, that’s where hydrating creams come in. Iope, a cosmetics and skin care brand based in Korea, produces this cream called Ultimate Hydro Cream, using Bioscience technology which means they mostly use plant extracts and properties that aids with skin troubles.

It comes in a frosted glass tub and a plastic screw cap, doubled with another lid inside to lessen chances of the cream from drying out and spilage since the consistency is a little runny.

Faintly of citrus.


Gel like texture. It’s like a mashed jell-o.

My experiences with this:

  • It did not give me any irritations at all.
  • It spreads so easily.
  • It’s not sticky at all.
  • It absorbs completely around a few minutes.
  • When spreading, it feels velvety.
  • It made my skin feel so soft like it was really hydrated πŸ‘
  • It did not feel like only the top of my skin was hydrated πŸ‘
  • It did not make my skin feel warm πŸ‘ usually creams make my skin feel warm.
  • It made my skin feel smooth to the touch.
  • I use this on my neck area specially the part where the throat starts, the skin there tightened and felt really moisturised that when I turn my head sideways my skin doesn’t feel uncomfortable πŸ‘
  • It sucks that it’s only 14 grams πŸ™ well at least that’s what I got.
  • After sweating, there was no sticky or oily feel πŸ‘ 
  • No stinky, pungy smell πŸ‘
  • No plumping effect. I actually like that.

I have really dehydrated skin from too much coffee drinking 😭 and the weather.


I take a small dollop on my finger and spread it on my skin. Giving it a soft, gentle massage until it’s absorbed. 

I use it on my neck in the morning and evening. And on my face in the mornings.

This is actually a great product it’s a really good hydrating cream and I think it’ll be part of my skin care regiment. Sorry dad, this was supposed to be for you, but.. haha! I’ll get you a replacement πŸ˜‚

For reference:

My skin is combination type, oily t-zone and the sides of the nose and eyelids, enlarged pores, acne-prone, cystic acne problems, sensitive – specially during hot weather and transitional seasons.

Have you tried using this? Any thoughts? Share it!


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